Astonishing Spider-Man

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The Astonishing Spider-Man
The Astonishing Spider-Man volume 3 #1, published by Panini Comics in 2009
Publication information
Publisher Marvel UK
Schedule Fortnightly
Publication date Volume 1: November 1995 - April 2007
Volume 2: April 2007 – December 2009
Volume 3: December 2009 - September 2013
Volume 4: October 2013 - Present
Editor(s) Brady Webb

The Astonishing Spider-Man is a comic book series being published by Panini Comics in the United Kingdom every fortnight as part of Marvel UK's 'Collectors Edition' line. It reprints selected Spider-Man stories and material from the American comic books.[1]

Publication history[edit]

Astonishing Spider-Man began in November 1995[2] after Panini Comics obtained Marvel UK's licence to reprint Marvel US's comics internationally. 150 issues were printed before it was re-launched in 2007 to mark its change from a 4-weekly publishing schedule to a 2-weekly one.[3] Volume 2 went on for another two years before it was re-launched again in December 2009 to mark the start of the "Brand New Day" storyline. Volume 4 is to launch in October 2013 as the Superior Spider-Man run of stories begins in the title.


The current format is 76 pages, with three stories being printed every issue. Whilst it usually prints more modern story lines, ‘classic tales’ are also used as back-up strips.[4] The front of the comic contains a message from the editor as well as a ‘Story so far’ section so the reader can catch up with anything they may have missed. At the back of the comic is a letter’s page (titled ‘The Web’) whereby readers can write in and give their views and opinions on the stories. The Web also used to print short comic strips called ‘Mini-Marvels’ (initially reprints of Chris Giarrusso's & Lew Stringer’s work), though it no longer does. A subscription is also available, for a cheaper price.[5]

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