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Astro Ria
Astro ria.jpg
Launched 1996
Owned by Astro Holdings Sdn Bhd
Picture format 576i (SDTV 4:3)
Country Malaysia
Language Malay
Broadcast area Malaysia
Astro (Malaysia) Channel 104 (SD)
Channel 135 (HD) (Rename version of Astro Maya HD) (Coming Soon)
Kristal-Astro (Brunei) Channel 104 (SD)
NJOI (Malaysia) Channel 104 (SD)
StarHub TV (Singapore) Channel 184 (SD) (Coming Soon)
Channel 185 (HD) (Coming Soon)
ABNXcess (Malaysia) Channel 111 (SD) (Coming Soon)
mio TV (Singapore) Channel 608 (SD) [1]
HyppTV (Malaysia) Channel 119 (SD) (Coming Soon)

Astro Ria is a Malaysian 24-hour television network broadcast on the Astro satellite television service. It was one of the first 22 channels to commence broadcast on Astro in 1996.

Programs on the network include Malay dramas, films and reality shows.

In 2003, Astro Ria was the first Malaysian channel to have a talent show which is based on the Mexican television show La Academia, called Akademi Fantasia. The contest pits 12 singers in a bid to become the winner. The show is so popular in Malaysia and Brunei that a spin-off version was made in Indonesia and Thailand. A second season was made, which enabled Brunei viewers to vote as well. In its third season, 14 contestants instead of the original 12 were competing for the competition and the winner, Mawi became an instant music celebrity. A fourth season commenced in May 2006.

In May 2002, Astro Ria launched Bloomberg RIA News, which was essentially the Malay language version of Bloomberg News Malaysia. The news was aired at 10:45pm, for fifteen minutes on weekdays. Its first anchor was Amir Mahmood Razak, who eventually also presented for the English version. The show was produced by Amy Mahadi.

Bloomberg TV and Astro's cooperation was dissolved in 2004, and the news programming became known as Berita Astro. Berita Astro ceased production at the end of January 2007 and later launched a new news division, in which Astro Awani was launched September 2007.

Astro Ria is currently available for free-to-view on Astro customers and paid-pre-view on NJOI customers in Malaysia on Channel 104.

Selected programmes is also aired on Astro Mustika HD for The Band and Astro Maya HD for Fear Factor Malaysia, Manis, Hlive! and other Malay programmes.

Astro Ria HD is the renamed version of Astro Maya HD coming soon at another announcement.

Reality Show Slot in Malaysia and Singapore via Astro and SingTel mio TV in SD[edit]

  • Akademi Fantasia - Malaysian version of La Academia format.
  • Jangan Lupa Lirik! - Malaysian version of Don't Forget the Lyrics! format.
  • Sehati Berdansa - Malaysian version of Dancing with the Stars format.
  • Bolos - Malaysian version of Hole In The Wall format.
  • Tangkap Muat - Malaysian version influenced from MTV Room Rider format with little change to be a Maker Over format.
  • Anak Wayang - First Malaysian format star in film and acting academy format.
  • Zero2Hero - First Malaysian format of Really Extreme Racer.
  • Pemburu Hantu - Malaysian format of Ghost Hunter.
  • Keynote - First Malaysian format of searching new composer.
  • MasterChef Malaysia - Malaysian format of MasterChef.
  • MasterChef Malaysia All Stars
  • RM 1,000,000 Money Drop - Malaysian format of Million Dollar Money Drop.
  • MasterChef Selebriti Malaysia
  • MeleTOP
  • Yuna: Bintang Di Langit
  • Mizz Nina Take Over
  • Muka Buku Najwa Latiff
  • Fear Factor Selebriti Malaysia
  • Anugerah Blokbuster
  • Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM)
  • Romantika
  • Romantika Sr 2
  • Romantika Sr 3 (2014) (Coming Soon)
  • Destinasi Cinta Bersama AirAsia
  • Raikan Cinta
  • Raikan Cinta Sr 2
  • Raikan Cinta Sr 3
  • Raikan Cinta Sr 4
  • Walimatul Urus
  • Akustik
  • Kaunter Kaboom!
  • Mari Menari
  • Mari Menari Sr 2
  • Mari Menari Sr 3
  • Mari Menari Sr 4 (2015) (Coming Soon on 2015)
  • On Air
  • On Air Sr 2
  • On Air Sr 3 (All Stars) (2015) (Coming Soon on 2015)
  • Republik Cinta Ahmad Dhani
  • Hijabista
  • Selebriti Bizz
  • Hazama: Penglipur Lara
  • Mania
  • Mania Musim Ke 2 (2015) (Coming Soon on 2015)
  • Mania Musim Ke 3 (All Stars) (Coming Soon on 2015)
  • Fear Factor Malaysia (also aired on Astro Mustika HD for season 1 and Astro Maya HD for season 2)
  • Stacy and Smash (also aired on Astro Maya HD)
  • The Band (also aired on Astro Mustika HD)
  • Hlive! (also aired on Astro Maya HD and Astro Awani)
  • Suka Lattew
  • Gegar Vaganza (also aired on Astro Prima and Astro Maya HD)
  • Maharaja Lawak Mega 2014 (Also Aired on Astro Warna and Astro Mustika HD)
  • Onyomat Gesat Go
  • Pureen Chak Chak Scha Awal
  • Pureen Chak Chak Che Ta dan Zain
  • Lagi Riuh Macam Macam Aznil 2014
  • Lagi Riuh Macam Macam Aznil 2015 (Coming Soon)
  • Majlis
  • KarokLaKau

Salam Ramadhan AlMubarak Erakan Jalinan Satu Ikatan Slot in Malaysia and Singapore via Astro and Singtel mio TV in SD[edit]

  • Helo Bro! Tolong Stail
  • Helo Bro! Tolong Deko
  • Helo Bro! Tolong Masak
  • Assalamualaikum Bro! Tolong Jawab...
  • Romantika Ramadhan

Salam Ramadhan AlMubarak Kosong Kosong Buka Lembaran Baru Slot in Malaysia and Singapore via Astro and SingTel mio TV in SD[edit]

  • Seribu Satu Idea
  • Gaya Raya

Sinetron Dramas Slot in Singapore and Malaysia via Astro and SingTel mio TV in SD[edit]

  • Pengantin Remaja
  • Dia Bukan Cinderella
  • Nada Cinta
  • Hafizah
  • Hearts
  • Cinta Ramadhan Dan Ramona
  • Alkautsar
  • Nyonya Nyonya Solista
  • Cincin

DramaRia Slot in Malaysia and Singapore via Astro and SingTel mio TV in SD[edit]

  • Benci vs Cinta
  • Jodoh
  • Jodoh Musim Ke 2
  • Bukan Kerana Aku Tak Cinta
  • Antara Garisan
  • Dalam Hati Ada Taman
  • Dalam Hati Ada Taman Sr 2 (Coming Soon)
  • Jangan Ambil Padang Kami
  • Misiku Kuza
  • Misiku Kuza Musim Ke 2
  • Mana Hilangnya Juwita
  • Sahabat
  • Adam Dan Hawa (also aired on Astro Mustika HD, Astro Prima, Astro Bella)
  • Projek Menikat Suami
  • Manis (also aired on Astro Maya HD)
  • Suamiku Encik Sotong
  • Kusinero Cinta (Coming Soon)
  • Sahangat Asmara
  • Maskara


mio TV broadcasts Astro Ria on Channel 608 via IPTV.

Asiana Slot in Singapore via SingTel mio TV in SD[edit]

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