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Genres Shoegazing, noise pop
Years active 1994–1997
Labels Wavertone, Clairecords, Sonic Syrup, Musicmine, Vinyl Junkie, BLVD
Members Scott Cortez
Sophie Leigh Nagelberg
Sarah Sterling
Past members Odell Nails
Melissa Arpin-Duimstra
Andrew Prinz

Astrobrite is an American shoegazing supergroup project, incorporating Scott Cortez (STAR and lovesliescrushing), Melissa Arpin-Duimstra, Mahogany (Andrew Prinz), Majesty Crush (Odell Nails), Dark Red, Paik (Rob Smith), Xebec (Doug Walker), Coaltar of the Deepers (Narasaki), (Jason Baron), Airiel, New Canyons (Andrew Marrah), Gel Set (Laura Callier), and other members.. Their sound has been compared mainly to that of My Bloody Valentine. Astrobrite began in 1994 as a solo project and, in 1995, the band expanded in order to tour. Astrobrite went on an initial hiatus in 1997.

In 2001, Astrobrite's first album Crush was released. Alison's Halo, (Adam Cooper) mastered and mixed Crush and 8 Candy EP.

In April 2007, a new album Whitenoise Superstar was released, followed by One Hit Wonder in 2008. Breaking another hiatus after nine years, Astrobrite played several live shows in the summer of 2012, including the Part time Punks Shoegaze fest in Los Angeles.

In October 2014, Astrobrite became a three piece group when Sophie Leigh Nagelberg (guitar, vocals), and Sarah Sterling (drums), joined the band.



  • Candy Swirl EP (1994) cassette
  • Cherryflavor EP (1995) cassette
  • Futuramic EP (1996) cassette
  • Smile EP (1997) cassette
  • Everything (1997) cassette
  • Sugar Blast (1999) cd-r
  • 8 Candy EP (2001) cd
  • Noriko EP (2002) download


  • Crush (2001)
  • Superdupercrush (2002; Wavertone cd-r; alternate version of Super Crush)
  • Pinkshinyultrablast (2002; Wavertone cd-r; alternate version of 2005 release)
  • Super Crush (2002)
  • Pinkshinyultrablast (2005)
  • Whitenoise Superstar (2007)
  • One Hit Wonder (2008)
  • Crush (2010; BLVD 001 vinyl reissue of first album)
  • Boombox Supernova (2011)
  • All the stars will fall (2012)
  • Deluxer (2015)


  • Slowpoke/Overdriver (1996; clear vinyl)
  • Suckerpunch/Peach fuzz (1996; blue translucent vinyl)
  • Jingle Bells (2001, digital self-released)
  • Her Beautiful Skin/My Forgotten Valentine (2011, digital self-released)
  • I Am Endless Sky (2013, digital self-released, tribute to Danny Lackey)


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