Asuka Sakamaki

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Asuka Sakamaki
Born (1982-10-08) October 8, 1982 (age 32)[1]
Tokyo, Japan
Ethnicity Japanese
Height 1.60 m (5 ft 3 in)

Asuka Sakamaki (坂巻あすか Sakamaki Asuka?) is a Japanese former AV idol from Tokyo who was born on October 8, 1982.

AV career[edit]

Sakamaki made her AV debut at nineteen years of age in May 2002 in the video First Class for Try Heart's Sexia label,[2] the label under which she continued to appear in several more videos in 2002. Sakamaki's August 2002 video, Cosplasshin, was in the cosplay genre[3] while her entry in Sexia's popular Sexy Teacher's Secret Spot series (September 2002) employed a traditional fictional narrative similar to early AVs and their pink film predecessors. The story had Sakamaki playing a sex-hungry teacher who seduces both her students and her co-workers.[4] In the omnibus videos, ALL that's SEXIA and SEXIA Collection 2002, excerpts from Sakamaki's videos for Sexia during the year were combined with other stars for the company, including Naho Ozawa.[5][6]

In early 2003, she appeared in videos for two new studios, Waap Entertainment and Moodyz.[7][dead link] After a break from the industry beginning in 2003, she returned for the 2006 video, Falling Logic for the Kasakura Publishing label.[8]

Sakamaki's career spanned over four years during which she appeared in at least 29 video items and three photo books.[9]

Selected filmography[edit]

Release date[10] Video title Company Director Notes
2002-05-31 (VHS)
2002-11-29 (DVD)
First Class
Try Heart/Sexia
SEA-270 (VHS)
SXD-051 (DVD)
Yuya Natsuiro
2002-06-28 Second Session
セカンド セッション
Try Heart/Sexia
SEA-274 (VHS)
Makoto Sanada
2002-07-31 The Sensation
Try Heart/Sexia
SEA-279 (VHS)
SXD-041 (DVD)
2002-08-30 Asuka Sakamaki in Cosplasshin
Try Heart/Sexia
SEA-282 (VHS)
Yuya Natsuiro
2002-09-27 Sexy Teacher's Secret Spot
Try Heart/Sexia
SEA-286 (VHS)
2002-10-31 I Wanna Suck
タマにはしゃぶりたい 坂巻あすか
Try Heart/Sexia
SEA-291 (VHS)
SXD-048 (DVD)
Yosuke Mizushiro
2002-12-20 SEXIA Collection 2002
セクシアコレクション 2002
Try Heart/Sexia
SEA-296 (VHS)
Koan Brothers Compilation with Cocolo, Hikari Kisugi, Miyu Natsuki, Naho Ozawa & Shiori Orihara
2002-12-22 ALL That's SEXIA Try Heart/Sexia
Compilation DVD with 9 other actresses including Naho Ozawa
2003-01-10 Big Tits Teacher: Virgin Student Hunting No.7
巨乳女教師童貞狩り No.7
Waap Entertainment Gone
Futoshi Kamino
2003-01-24 All The Way - Asuka Sakamaki
おもいっきり!! 坂巻あすか
Raising Company
Compilation DVD
2003-03-01 Would You Like a Slut?
Moodyz Legend
MDL-012 (VHS)
MDLD-012 (DVD)
Hiroshi Mutou
2004-05-21 Sexy Teacher's Secret Spot BEST SELECTION Vol.1
女教師の秘蜜 ベストセレクト Vol.1
Try Heart/Sexia
SEA-372 (VHS)
Compilation video (90 min) with Sora Sasaki, Naho Ozawa & Cocolo
2004-07-09 Sexy Teacher's Secret Spot BEST SELECTION Vol.1
女教師の秘蜜 ベストセレクト Vol.1
Try Heart/Sexia
SXD-100 (DVD)
Compilation DVD (180 min) with 7 other actresses
2006-08-31 Falling Logic / Asuka Sakamaki
堕落論 坂巻あすか
Kasakura Publishing


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