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Aswad Ansi (Arabic: الاسود العنسي‎), better known as Abhala bin Ka'b (Arabic: عبهلة بن كعب‎), was an Arabic member of the al-Ansi family claimed by Muslims to be a false prophet. He lived in Yemen and proclaimed his prophethood towards the end of the Islamic prophet Muhammad's lifetime, around 630 AD. Awsad claimed to receive divine inspiration in the form of words, similar to prophet Muhammad, and is recorded to have recited them to his people.

He was known to be a soothsayer and a sorcerer.[citation needed] He had an ability to dazzle a crowd with his charisma. The people of Yemen eventually proclaimed him a prophet.


Aswad went on to invade Najran and most of Yemen. After his invasion of Yemen, he changed his title from "Prophet of God" to "Rahman" "The Most Merciful". His rule of the Yemen was short-lived, as Muhammad later sent Fayruz al-Daylami to assassinate him under the supervision and planning of Qays ibn Hubaira.

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