At the Foot of Heaven

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At the Foot of Heaven: a Mini Audio Book
Studio album by Kevin Max
Released September 1994
Genre spoken word
Length 15 minutes (approx)
Label Starsong
Producer Kevin Max
Kevin Max chronology
At the Foot of Heaven: a Mini Audio Book
Stereotype Be

At the Foot of Heaven: a Mini Audio Book is a 1994 spoken-word EP by musician/performing artist Kevin Max Smith. It was produced to promote Smith's poetry book of the same name; the book and album were released simultaneously by Starsong Records. Smith reads all poems accompanied by minimal music.

The EP is available on cassette tape only.

Kevin Max (having dropped the name "Smith") went on to release his first full-length musical album, Stereotype Be, in 2001. He also later produced a full-length spoken word album, 2003's Raven Songs 101, in collaboration with Adrian Belew.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Awake at Night
  2. You Gave Me Away
  3. Belial
  4. The Angel That Would Be King
  5. Sweet Little Girl
  6. Draw Nigh
  7. Purgatory
  8. 40 Days and Nights
  9. I Will Bring the Fire To Thee
  10. Secret Intrusion