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For the album by Belgian band Arid, see Little Things of Venom.
Minco Eggersman of at the close of every day

at the close of every day (spelled in lowercase) is a Dutch band, consisting of Minco Eggersman and Axel Kabboord. Their music, a mix of slow pop music with symphonic elements, has been described as "night music". Most of their songs concern Christian religion, though not explicitly. The first two albums consist mainly of songs with English lyrics (apart from the song zalig zijn de armen van geest, Blessed be the poor of spirit in English). The lyrics of the album de geluiden van weleer, are completely in Dutch. Although the title of the last album, troostprijs, is Dutch, almost all songs are English, including the title song.

The band is well known for their album packages. It varies from a calendar with drawings (the silja symphony) to a complete jigsaw puzzle (leaves you puzzled). The last album comes with a purple roset wrapped in a silver sleeve.



  • zalig zijn de armen van geest (2002)
  • the silja symphony (2004)
  • The sound of someone watching me (live)(2004)
  • de geluiden van weleer (2005)
  • leaves you puzzled (remix album) (2007)
  • troostprijs (2008)


  • if you spoke to me (2003)
  • live in amsterdam


  • the sound of someone watching me (2004)

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