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The Ahmadilis[1](Persian: احمدیلی‎), also called by the title Atabegs of Maragha (ATĀBAKĀN-E MARĀḠA)[2](Persian: اتابکان مراغه‎), were a Turkish dynasty who ruled from the early 6th/12th century until 605/1208–09 in Maragha itself and in Rūʾīn Dez for some years after the Mongol conquest. They ruled approximately from 1122 to 1220 AD.[1] Notices in the chronicles of this localised line of Atabegs are only sporadic, and numismatic evidences have not thus far been found.[1] So there is a difficultly in reconstructing their chronology and genealogy.[1] The dynasty starts from Aq Sunqur Ahmadili, who was presumably a freedman of the Turkish commander of the Seljuqs, Ahmadil b. Ibrahim. A female member of the family, Sulafa Khatun, was ruling Maragha until these places were sacked by the Mongols in 1221.


# Titular Name Personal Name Reign Succession right Notes
1  ?
Aq Sunqur I 1122-1134
2 Nusrat ad-Din
نصرت الدین
Arslan-Aba I 1134-1175
3 Falak ad-Din
Aq Sunqur II 1175-1189
4 Ala ad-Din
Ala-al-Din Korpe Arslan 1189-1208
5 Izz ad-Din
Arslan-Aba II 1208-1209


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