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Atala spa
Founded 1921 (1921)
Headquarters Via della Guerrina 108 Monza (Italia)

Atala spa is an Italian manufacturer of bicycles and exercise equipment.


The company was started[1] by Gatti in 1919 and formally founded in Italy in 1921 by Cesare Rizzato[2] and was notable for its racing bicycles which won several championships in the early 20th century. The company also had some championship success in the 1980s before hitting financial difficulties. Part of the company was sold in 2002. Now the 50% of the company is owned by Accell Group. The company also produces bicycles for the brands "Carraro", "Whistle USA", "Maino" and 'Dei". The company had made some victories in the past wears with the Atala Team


  • Street: SLR, SLR100, Outdoor, Norhtblack, Time out
  • Trekking: Distance, River, Discovery, Street, Travel, Bridge
  • Urban : Manhattan, Primavera, Città, Cruiser, Life, Venture, Airon, Maggie, Piccadilli, president
  • MTB: Shape D, Shape V, Spin, Planet D, Planet V, Wap, Replay, Stratos, My Flower, Cobra, Diablo, Dragon, Scorpion
  • Electric bicycle: E-Green, EcoLife, Ecofolding, EcoCity
  • Cid'z bikes
  • Folding Bikes

The company produces also several models for the Carraro, Whistle USA, Maino e Dei brands.


The company also produces "Byte" bicycle parts which are used in several models of the brand.

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