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Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance
Incredible Hulk #379
Created by Peter David; Dale Keown
In-story information
Team affiliations Pantheon
Abilities Energy bow

Atalanta is a fictional character in Marvel Comics. Atalanta is a member of the super hero family the Pantheon. Atalanta is an excellent archer and uses arrows and a bow made out of pure energy.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Nothing is known of Atalanta's life before she joined the Pantheon, a self-ruling organization that attempts to do good around the world. It is known that several years ago Atalanta was forced to kill the brother of an alien named Trauma. Trauma himself became obsessed with Atalanta. At first he thought it was a desire for revenge but later it turns into a desire to possess Atalanta.[1]

It takes some time for Trauma to track down Atalanta. During this, she is part of a Pantheon patrol in the streets of New York during the Infinity Gauntlet incident. Dozens of New Yorkers have gone on a rampage; Atalanta is seen killing one and ordering her companion, Ajax, to kill others. Later, the inexplicable rampage calms down and the dead man's mother finds the body. Atalanta sees this and experiences remorse.[2]

During a quiet venting moment with Rick Jones, Trauma's forces attack and kidnap her. The Hulk and the Pantheon manage to track her across space. A rescue attempt is thrwarted when Trauma threatens to mutilate Atalanta, he does not care about her outside looks, only her inner personality. It is soon discovered that the Pantheon founder Agamemnon had struck a deal with Trauma's father, known as Armageddon, centuries earlier. Armageddon, who tolerates Trauma's actions for he is his son, had offered to make the offspring of the immortal Agamemnon immortal as well in exchange for his pick of Agamemnon's descendants some time in the future. At the request of his son Armageddon chooses Atalanta so she could be Trauma's wife. If she refuses Armageddon would revoke the immortality of Agamemnon's descendants. Atalanta is willing to go through with the wedding to save her family but the Hulk refuses. The Hulk and Trauma end up battling over her, and Trauma ends up not surviving the fight.[3]

Around this time, Atalanta became involved in a sexual relationship with teammate (and technical relative) Achilles. This greatly angers the simple minded Ajax who, not understanding a simple friendship, had developed romantic feelings for Atalanta. Ajax later reconciles with her, finally understanding she platonically cares for him.[4]

Atalanta makes an appearance in the "Marvel Holiday Special" 1993 edition. She tries to counsel the newly widowed Pantheon technician William Jenkins who suffered the loss of his wife in a car crash. Despite appreciating her efforts, he later attempts to kill himself only to be saved by the Hulk.[5]

Shortly after this, the Pantheon began a search for Agamemnon to put him on trial for his deception. Agamemnon unleashes his horde of cyborgs, the Endless Knights, against the Pantheon. Atalanta's lover Achilles sides with Agamemnon and he is killed in battle with Ulysses. Atalanta tracks down Agamemnon and kills him before he could make his escape.[6]

Atalanta stayed with the Pantheon after the destruction of their headquarters.[volume & issue needed]

Powers and abilities[edit]

Atalanta wields an energy bow. Like the other Pantheon members, Atalanta has a healing factor.


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