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The Atari Flashback Portable is a handheld Atari 2600 game console created by Curt Vendel and Legacy Engineering Group, creators of the Atari Flashback console units. Early information suggests it will be a small handheld device with 2.5" TFT screen running approximately 15 hours on a set of three "AAA" batteries. Games are loaded into internal 2MB memory by use of a USB cable. The release date was projected as early 2008 with a retail price of approximately $40, but this date has long passed and no announcements have been made since the initial showcasing of the prototype in 2007.

On the AtariAge forums, Curt Vendel announced that the project was not going to be released by Atari.[1]


  1. ^ Vendel, Curt. "AtariAge Forums". Project is dead unless someone wants to pony up the cash to help bring it to market. I may make a few custom ones for people later this year (ala Ben Heck type low volume, custom built) but official production units just aren't going to happen, there just isn't the needed support from Atari to make this a reality, sorry guys. 

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