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Leader Gerhardt Petersen
Founded 1976
Headquarters Nuuk, Sermersooq, Greenland
Ideology Liberalism
Nordic agrarianism
Greenlandic unionism
Political position Centre-right
International affiliation None
European affiliation None
Colours Blue
2 / 31
(Greenland seats)
0 / 2

Atassut (which in English means "cohesion" or more literally "the link") is a Greenlandic party that started as a liberal political movement in 1976-77. The party was founded on 29 April 1978 and based on the through 250 years experience human values, which are created by Greenlanders and Danes together.

In the first program the movement published in January 1977 states that cohesion with Denmark "serve the Greenlandic population best". Its goal is to "promote a Greenlandic home rule within the commonwealth" and "oppose separation from the Danish kingdom."

The party's first chairman, Lars Chemnitz.

The party Atassut were elections to Landsting June 2, 2009 Greenland's fourth largest party with three out of county council's 31 seats. Subsequently, one of the party's seats resigned from the party and joined the Siumut Party.

The party is nationwide with 58 branch offices with headquarters in Nuuk. The party's highest authority is the national congress assembled every 4 years.

The party's president - who became chairman after the election to the Parliament - Gerhardt Petersen, has not been elected to the Parliament in 2009.

After Social-democratic Siumut Party won the 2013 Atassut agreed to made Coalition with Siumut and Partii Inuit


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