Aterazawa Line

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Aterazawa Line
JR East KiHa 101-9.JPG
KiHa 101 DMU on the Aterazawa Line
Type Heavy rail
System JR East
Locale Yamagata Prefecture
Termini Kita-Yamagata
Stations 11
Opening 1921
Owner JR East
Rolling stock KiHa 101 DMUs
Line length 24.3 km (15.10 mi)
Track gauge 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
Electrification None
Route map
JR Aterazawa Line linemap.svg

The Aterazawa Line (左沢線 Aterazawa-sen?) is a railway line in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan, operated by East Japan Railway Company (JR East). It connects Kita-Yamagata Station in Yamagata to Aterazawa Station in Ōe. All trains run through to and from Yamagata Station.


The line was opened to Uzen-Nagasaki in 1921, and extended to Aterazawa the following year. CTC signalling was commissined on the line in 1982.

Former connecting lines[edit]

Uzen-Takamatsu station - The Miyama Electric Railway Co. operated an 11km line, electrified at 600 VDC, to Mazawa between 1926 and 1974.

Station list[edit]

  • All stations are located in Yamagata Prefecture.
  • All trains stop at every station.
  • Trains can pass one another at stations marked "◇", "v", and "^".
Station Japanese Distance (km) Transfers   Location
Yamagata 山形 - -1.9 Yamagata Shinkansen, Ōu Main Line (for Yonezawa) v Yamagata
Kita-Yamagata 北山形 1.9 0.0 Ōu Main Line (for Shinjō), Senzan Line*
Higashi-Kanai 東金井 3.1 3.1  
Uzen-Yamabe 羽前山辺 3.4 6.5   Yamanobe, Higashimurayama District
Uzen-Kanezawa 羽前金沢 3.0 9.5   Nakayama, Higashimurayama District
Uzen-Nagasaki 羽前長崎 1.5 11.0  
Minami-Sagae 南寒河江 2.5 13.5   Sagae
Sagae 寒河江 1.8 15.3  
Nishi-Sagae 西寒河江 1.1 16.4  
Uzen-Takamatsu 羽前高松 2.9 19.3  
Shibahashi 柴橋 3.0 22.3  
Aterazawa 左沢 2.0 24.3   Ōe, Nishimurayama District

Rolling stock[edit]


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