Athanasios Tzoganis

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Air Chief Marshal Athanasios Tzoganis (Greek: Αθανάσιος Τζογάνης; born 15 July 1939) is a retired Hellenic Air Force officer who served as Chief of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff in 1996–1999. Born in Skourtou, Aetolia-Acarnania, he entered the Hellenic Air Force Academy in 1959 and graduated first in his class in 1962. He flew F-84, A-7, G-159, T-33, NORATLAS, C-47 and C-130 aircraft and held several staff positions and active commands (345 Bomber Squadron and 112 Fighter Wing). He later headed the Air Support Command, the Tactical Air Force Headquarters and finally became Chief of the Hellenic Air Force General Staff on 17 December 1993. He held the post until 16 February 1996, when he was appointed to the position of Chief of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff, a position he held until 15 February 1999. He is married and has two daughters.