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2008 Beijing Olympics closing ceremony

Athletes Alley is a sculpture conceived by the Belgian artist Olivier Strebelle. It scheduled to be produced for the 2008 Summer Olympics meant as a gift from Belgium to the city of Beijing, but was not completed in time. It opened shortly after the games ended,[citation needed] having cost over 5 million euros.

The abstract installation is composed of 5 tubular polished stainless steel modules that reach up to 20m height and 100m length (weighing 120T), and is meant to evoke the Olympic rings.

The production of Athletes Alley involved a technological collaboration between the image laboratory of Université Libre de Bruxelles, Tsinghua University, a French engineering consultancy specialising in metallic frame-works (C&E Ingénierie) and a German software company, Sofistik.

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Coordinates: 40°0′49″N 116°22′22″E / 40.01361°N 116.37278°E / 40.01361; 116.37278