Athletics at the 2012 Summer Paralympics – Men's 100 metres T42

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Men's 100 metres T42
at the XIV Paralympic Games
Venue London Olympic Stadium
Dates 7 September
Competitors 12 from 10 nations
Gold medal    Germany
Silver medal    Australia
Bronze medal    Germany
Athletics at the
2012 Summer Paralympics
Athletics pictogram (Paralympics).svg
T/F11–13: Blind and visually impaired
T/F20: Intellectual disability
T/F31–38: Cerebral palsy
F40: Les Autres
T/F42–46: Amputees
T/F51–58: Spinal cord disability
Men T/F42–46
100 m   T42   T44   T46
200 m T42 T44 T46
400 m T44 T46
800 m T46
1500 m T46
4×100 m relay T42-46
Marathon T46
Long jump F42-44 F46
Triple jump F46
High jump F42 F46
Shot put F42-44 F46
Discus throw F42 F44
Javelin throw F42 F44
Women T/F42–46
100 m   T42   T44   T46
200 m T44 T46
400 m T46
Long jump F42-44 F46
Shot put F42-44
Javelin throw F46

The Men's 100 metres T42 event at the 2012 Summer Paralympics took place at the London Olympic Stadium on 7 September.[1]

The T42 category is for single above-knee amputees and athletes with other impairments that are comparable to a single above knee amputation, including athletes with loss of muscle power in the lower limbs.


Prior to the competition, the existing World and Paralympic records were as follows.

World record  Earle Connor (CAN) 12.14 Leverkusen, Germany 1 June 2002
Paralympic record 12.32 Beijing, China 14 September 2008


Round 1[edit]

Competed 7 September 2012 from 10:15. Qual. rule: First 3 in each heat (Q) plus the 2 fastest other times (q) qualified.

Heat 1[edit]

Rank Athlete Country Time Notes
1 Heinrich Popow Germany 12.43 Q, RR
2 Scott Reardon Australia 12.45 Q, PB
3 Richard Whitehead Great Britain 12.97 Q, PB
4 Shaquille Vance United States 13.17 q
5 Helgi Sveinsson Iceland 15.64
6 Jamol Allan Pilgrim Antigua and Barbuda 15.76 SB
Wind: +0.5 m/s

Heat 2[edit]

Rank Athlete Country Time Notes
1 Wojtek Czyz Germany 12.53 Q, SB
2 Earle Connor Canada 12.56 Q
3 Clavel Kayitaré France 12.59 Q, PB
4 Atsushi Yamamoto Japan 12.87 q, RR
5 Daniel Jorgensen Denmark 13.21 PB
6 Garcia-Tolson Rudy United States 13.77 PB
Wind: +0.1 m/s


Competed 7 September 2012 at 21:25.

Rank Athlete Country Time Notes
1st Heinrich Popow Germany 12.40 RR
2nd Scott Reardon Australia 12.43 PB
3rd Wojtek Czyz Germany 12.52 SB
4 Earle Connor Canada 12.65
5 Clavel Kayitaré France 12.73
6 Atsushi Yamamoto Japan 12.92
7 Richard Whitehead Great Britain 12.99
8 Shaquille Vance United States 13.03 SB
Wind: -0.1 m/s

Q = qualified by place. q = qualified by time. RR = Regional Record. PB = Personal Best. SB = Seasonal Best.


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