Athletics at the 2012 Summer Paralympics – Men's 1500 metres

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Athletics at the
2012 Summer Paralympics
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The Men's 1500m athletics events for the 2012 Summer Paralympics took place at the London Olympic Stadium from 31 August to 4 September. A total of six events were contested over this distance for six different classifications.[1]


R Round 1 ½ Semifinals F Final
Event↓/Date → Fri 31 Sat 1 Sun 2 Mon 3 Tue 4
T11 1500m R ½ F
T13 1500m R F
T20 1500m R F
T37 1500m F
T46 1500m R F
T54 1500m R ½ F



The T11 category is for athletes with a visual impairment. A T11 athlete may be entirely without sight, or be able to perceive light, but have no ability to see the shape of a hand at any distance. T11 athletes commonly run with guides.


Competed 3 September 2012 at 20:31.

Rank Athlete Country Time Notes
1st Samwel Mushai Kimani
Guide: James Boit
Kenya 3:58.37 WR
2nd Odair Santos
Guide: Carlos Antonio dos Santos
Brazil 4:03.66 RR
3rd Jason Joseph Dunkerley
Guide: Josh Karanja
Canada 4:07.56 PB
4 Cristian Valenzuela
Guide: Cristopher Guajardo
Chile 4:07.79 PB
5 William Sosa
Guide: Cesar Chavarro Dias
Colombia 4:13.53 PB
6 Mikael Andersen
Guide: Laust Bengtsen
Denmark 4:16.12 SB


The T13 category is for athletes with a moderate visual impairment. Athletes in this category have a variety of visual impairments, but can typically recognize contours from a distance of 2 to 6 metres. Athletes in this category do not typically require a guide.


Competed 4 September 2012 at 19:16.

Rank Athlete Country Class Time Notes
1st Abderrahim Zhiou Tunisia T12 3:48.31 WR
2nd David Korir Kenya T13 3:48.84 WR
3rd David Devine Great Britain T12 3:49.79 RR
4 Tarik Zalzouli Morocco T13 3:52.12 PB
5 Henry Kirwa Kenya T12 3:53.55 PB
6 Tim Prendergast New Zealand T13 3:53.60 PB
7 Lukasz Wietecki Poland T13 3:56.26
8 Alexey Akhtyamov Russia T13 3:56.29
9 Abdelillah Mame Morocco T13 3:56.29
10 El Amin Chentouf Morocco T12 4:00.43
11 Ignacio Avila Spain T12 4:04.83
12 Egor Sharov Russia T12 4:10.83


The T20 category is for athletes with intellectual impairment. T20 athletes have an IQ score of 75 or less.

There were no heats in this event. The final was competed on 4 September 2012 at 19:34.


Competed 4 September 2012 at 19:34.

Rank Athlete Country Time Notes
1st Peyman Nasiri Bazanjani Iran 3:58.49 SB
2nd Daniel Pek Poland 3:59.45 PB
3rd Rafal Korc Poland 3:59.53 PB
4 Andriy Goliney Ukraine 4:00.21 PB
5 Viacheslav Khrustalev Russia 4:01.99
6 Steve Morris Great Britain 4:02.50
7 Viktor Shcherbyna Ukraine 4:04.77
8 Jose Martinez Morote Spain 4:04.85 PB
9 Yuya Kimura Japan 4:10.85 SB
10 Kuniaki Ishii Japan 4:13.35
11 Michael Murray United States 4:18.78


The T37 category is for ambulant athletes with cerebral palsy. These athletes have movement and coordination problems on one half of their body. They have good ability in their dominant side of their body (ie hemiplegia).

There were no heats in this event. The final was competed on 3 September 2012 at 20:47.


Competed 3 September 2012 at 20:47.

Rank Athlete Country Time Notes
1st Michael McKillop Ireland 4:08.11 PR
2nd Brad Scott Australia 4:14.47 SB
3rd Mohamed Charmi Tunisia 4:14.90 RR
4 Madjid Djemai Algeria 4:16.50 PB
5 Faycel Othmani Tunisia 4:19.94 PB
6 Hafid Aharak Morocco 4:21.47 PB
7 Dean Miller Great Britain 4:21.57
8 Djamel Mastouri France 4:27.02
9 Oleksandr Driha Ukraine 4:27.48 PB
10 Khaled Hanani Algeria 4:29.23


The T46 category is for athletes who have a single above or below elbow amputation or similar disability, with normal function in both legs.


Competed 4 September 2012 at 20:24.

Rank Athlete Country Time Notes
1st Abraham Tarbei Kenya 3:50.15 WR
2nd Wondiye Fikre Indelbu Ethiopia 3:50.87 PB
3rd Samir Nouioua Algeria 3:51.80 PB
4 David Emong Uganda 3:58.47 PB
5 Mohamed Fouzai Tunisia 3:58.79 SB
6 Matthew Silcocks Australia 3:59.79 PB
7 Jonah Kipkemoi Chesum Kenya 4:00.38
8 Cahit Kilicaslan Turkey 4:00.77 PB
9 Chris Hammer United States 4:01.76
10 Davide Dalla Palma Italy 4:02.26 PB
11 Stanley Cheruiyot Kenya 4:02.54


The T54 category is for wheelchair athletes with no leg function, but near full arm function and reasonable to normal trunk function. Typically this may be caused by a lower spinal cord injury or spinal cord birth defect.



Rank Athlete Country Time Notes
1st David Weir Great Britain 3:12.09
2nd Prawat Wahoram Thailand 3:12.32
3rd Kim Gyu Dae South Korea 3:12.57
4 Marcel Hug Switzerland 3:12.76
5 Saichon Konjen Thailand 3:12.84
6 Liu Chengming China 3:12.86
7 Kurt Fearnley Australia 3:13.23
8 Liu Yang China 3:13.63
9 Zhang Lixin China 3:14.05
10 Josh Cassidy Canada 3:14.70


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