Athletics at the 8th National Games – Women's 400m

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The women's 400m event at the 1997 Chinese National Games was held on October 17–18.

The final was won by Liaoning 17-year-old Li Jing in an astonishing time of 50.01 seconds. She beat Grit Breuer's world youth record of 50.48 seconds set in 1989 in the process.

Guangdong Du Xiujie and Shandong Chen Yuxiang finished respectively second and third. Zhang Hengyun, from Jiangsu, who had finished second in the event four years before; crossed the line in fourth place, recording despite all a new personal best.



Rank Name Team Time Notes
1 Li Jing Liaoning 50.76 AJR, AYR, Q
2 Zhang Hengyun Jiangsu 51.79 SB, Q
3 Chen Yuxiang Shandong 51.84 Q
4 Ying Zhang 52.13 PB, Q
 ? Bu Fanfang Shandong  ? Q
Cao Chunying Hebei  ? Q
Du Xiujie Guangdong  ? Q
Lu Xifang Jiangsu  ? Q
9 Li Cong Sichuan 52.41
10 Zhu Huangchao 52.85 PB
11 Jiang Lanying 53.38 PB
12 Wang Xuemei 53.39 PB


Rank Name Team Time Notes
1 Li Jing Liaoning 50.01 WYR, AJR
2 Du Xiujie Guangdong 50.87 SB
3 Chen Yuxiang Shandong 51.15 PB
4 Zhang Hengyun Jiangsu 51.22 PB
5 Bu Fanfang Shandong 51.85 PB
6 Lu Xifang Jiangsu 51.99
7 Cao Chunying Hebei 52.21 SB
8 Ying Zhang 53.23