Athletics at the Southeast Asian Games

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Athletics is one of the sports at the biennial Southeast Asian Games (SEA) competition. It has been one of the sports held at the Games since the inaugural edition of the South East Asian Peninsular Games (SEAP) in 1959.


South East Asian Peninsular Games[edit]

Games Year Host city Host country
I 1959 (details) Bangkok  Thailand
II 1961 (details) Rangoon  Burma
III 1963 (Cancelled) ?  Cambodia
III 1965 (details) Kuala Lumpur  Malaysia
IV 1967 (details) Bangkok  Thailand
V 1969 (details) Rangoon  Burma
VI 1971 (details) Kuala Lumpur  Malaysia
VII 1973 (details) Singapore  Singapore
VIII 1975 (details) Bangkok  Thailand

Southeast Asian Games[edit]

Games Year Host city Host country
IX 1977 (details) Kuala Lumpur  Malaysia
X 1979 (details) Jakarta  Indonesia
XI 1981 (details) Manila  Philippines
XII 1983 (details) Singapore  Singapore
XIII 1985 (details) Bangkok  Thailand
XIV 1987 (details) Jakarta  Indonesia
XV 1989 (details) Kuala Lumpur  Malaysia
XVI 1991 (details) Manila  Philippines
XVII 1993 (details) Singapore  Singapore
XVIII 1995 (details) Chiang Mai  Thailand
XIX 1997 (details) Jakarta  Indonesia
XX 1999 (details) Bandar Seri Begawan  Brunei
XXI 2001 (details) Kuala Lumpur  Malaysia
XXII 2003 (details) Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City  Vietnam
XXIII 2005 (details) Manila, Laguna, Cebu, Bacolod  Philippines
XXIV 2007 (details) Nakhon Ratchasima  Thailand
XXV 2009 (details) Vientiane  Laos
XXVI 2011 (details) Palembang & Jakarta  Indonesia
XXVII 2013 (details) Naypyidaw  Burma

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