Atikokan Generating Station

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Atikokan Generating Station
Country Canada
Location Atikokan, Ontario
Coordinates 48°50′17″N 91°34′15″W / 48.83806°N 91.57083°W / 48.83806; -91.57083Coordinates: 48°50′17″N 91°34′15″W / 48.83806°N 91.57083°W / 48.83806; -91.57083
Status Active
Commission date 1985 (coal-fired)
2014 (biomass-fired)
Owner(s) Ontario Power Generation
Power generation
Primary fuel Coal
Wood biomass (2014)
Nameplate capacity 205 MW

Atikokan Generating Station is a formerly coal fired station owned by Ontario Power Generation (OPG), located 8 km (5 mi) north of Atikokan, 190 km (118 mi) west of Thunder Bay, in Northwestern Ontario. The plant employs 90 people. The Atikokan Generating Station began operation in 1985 and underwent an overhaul in the autumn of 2003.

Until 2012, it had one coal fueled generating unit with low nitrogen oxide (NOx) burners, providing a peak output of 230 MW fuelled by low sulfur lignite coal from Western Canada. In late 2012 the facility powered down and is undergoing renovations, due to the Ontario government's initiative to stop all coal-fired electricity generation.[1] It is the first generating station to be converted by OPG to be fueled by biomass,[2] at which point it becomes North America's largest purely biomass-fueled power plant.[3] The conversion came at a cost of C$200 million, and was opened on 10 September 2014.[4][3][5]

Annual production at the plant was approximately 900 million kilowatt-hours (kWh), enough energy to supply approximately 70,000 households for one year. The station occupies 3 km2 (741 acres) north of Atikokan, Ontario. The plant's chimney is 145 m (476 ft) tall and the steam temperature is 538 °C (1,000 °F). This plant is connected to the provincial power grid via several 230,000 volt transmission lines.


Greenhouse Gases (2012)[6]
Greenhouse gas Sum (tonnes) Sum (tonnes CO2e*)
CO2 46,684 46,684
CH4 1.22 26
N2O 0.92 286
Total - 46,996

*Calculated figures for CO2e are rounded to the nearest tonne.

Total emissions, 2004-2012[6]
Year Emissions (tonnes CO2e)
2004 1,181,122
2005 1,108,437
2006 851,094
2007 754,148
2008 413,639
2009 200,393
2010 501,830
2011 78,078
2012 46,996

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