Atikum people

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Atikum e Pankará.png
Map of Atikum territory in eastern Brazil
Total population
7,924 (2012)[1]
Regions with significant populations
 Brazil (Pará)
Portuguese, historically Atikum[2]
traditional tribal religion

The Atikum people, also known as Huamuê or Uamué, are an indigenous people of Brazil that live in Bahia and Pernambuco.[2]


They have 20 villages within the Atikum Indigenous Land, and their territory is near Carnaubeira da Penha.[3]


Known as the "civilized Indians of the Umã Hills," the Arikum sought federal recognition from the Brazilian government beginning in the 1940s.[1]


Today Atikum people speak Portuguese. Formerly they spoke the Atikum language, a linguistic isolate.[2]


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