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Atilio Boron is an Argentine sociologist.[1]


Atilio Boron received a PhD from Harvard University.[2]

He worked as a Professor of Political Science at the Latin American Social Sciences Institute and at the University of Buenos Aires.[3] He also served as Secretary General of CLACSO, an academic umbrella body for Latin America.[4] In 2005, he signed the World Social Forum's Porto Alegre Manifesto.

At the Transnational Institute, he serves as Director of the Latin American Programme of Distance Education for Buenos Aires, Argentina, and a collaborator of the New Politics project.[4] He also serves as director of the Center for European and Latin American Research in Buenos Aires.[3] He also writes a column in a national Argentinian newspaper.[2]

He has called the United States a "terrorist threat to world peace".[5] He has also been critical of Israel.[2] He has voiced his disapproval of the American handling of Julian Assange.[5] Boron has also accused Barack Obama of ordering the murder of Muammar Gaddafi.[6]

In 2009 he received the International José Martí Prize from UNESCO for his contribution to integration of Latin American and Caribbean countries

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