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Atlah Worldwide Church
Atlah Worldwide Missionary Church
Location 38 West 123rd Street
Harlem, New York, NY, 10027
Country  United States
Denomination Independent
Previous denomination Baptist
Membership 600 (2007) [1]
100 (2011) estimated [2]
Former name(s) Bethelite Community Baptist Church
Founded June 10, 1957 (1957-06-10)
Founder(s) Millard Alexander Stanley
Events Mother Keturah Breakfast Program
[3] C.I.A. Columbia Obama Sedition And Treason Trial 2010 [4]
"No Dew! No Rain!" [1]
Designated 1888-89
Architect(s) Lamb & Rich[5]
Architectural type Club
Style Queen Anne
Materials red brick and terra cotta
Senior pastor(s) James David Manning

Atlah Worldwide Missionary Church is a Christian church and ministry located in Harlem, New York, USA. The church is led by James David Manning who is the chief pastor.[6] The church campus is the site of the ATLAH Theological Seminary, where classes are offered on preaching and prophecy. The church is also the home of the Manning Report. In early 2014 the church gained attention for statements on the sign outside its building that expressly called for violence against LGBT persons and were critical of Barack Obama.


Atlah Worldwide Church was founded and organized in Harlem on June 6, 1957, by Reverend Millard Alexander Stanley as the Bethelite Community Baptist Church.[6]

In early June, just a few days before the first worship service was held, Pastor Stanley was sitting out before a storefront on 8th Avenue in Harlem. A local heroin drug addict spoke to him and said," If y’all gonna be a church, you better; "Be-The-Lite." Thus, the mission was formed in the statement and the name, Bethelite.[6]

In 1981, Pastor James David Manning replaced Stanley as chief pastor. Under Manning's leadership, the church name changed to ATLAH ("All The Land Anointed Holy") and ministries were established.[James David Manning Bio 1]

Newest Ministries – The Temple Hour of Prayer 29 May 2008; and The Manning Report 25 August 2008.[James David Manning Bio 1]

  • ATLAH Men’s Business Association: Vibrant men’s group established in 2003.
  • ATLAH Superior: Started as a group of 70 women in 2003 for the establishment of a specialty food service supermarket in ATLAH, New York.
  • ATLAH World Ministries: Established in 1992 as an 1/2 hour Christian teaching radio, expanded to a weekly TV broadcast heard on several networks, and currently on YouTube and several other venues.
  • Great Tomorrows Elementary/Middle School and ATLAH High School: The school was established in 1994 for the purpose of educating young people from elementary to high school focused upon a private Christian education founded on the M.A.D. Curriculum.

This building was erected in the 1890s as the Harlem Social Club. Father Divine (c.1876-1965) and his International Peace Mission Movement were located here during the 1930s.[7]

ATLAH Worldwide Church in the center of view from the northwest corner of 124th Street looking Southward....
ATLAH Worldwide Church seen from the corner of West 124th street and Lenox Avenue, Harlem.

In early 2014 the church posted a series of messages on its letter board sign outside its building which assert that Barack Obama is a Muslim and that he is not legally President. The messages also used anti-gay epithets and stated a Christian imperative to kill gay people by stoning. They gained notice on several websites, including some that promote gay rights and oppose hate speech.[8] Example messages that were documented on the websites include:

  • Obama has released the homo demons on the black man. Look out black woman. A white homo may take your man.[9]
  • Jesus would stone homos. Stoning is still the law. (This message also included citations of four biblical verses.)[10]
  • The blood of Jesus against Obama. History made 4 Nov 2008 a Taliban Muslim illegally elected president USA: Hussein[11]

Atlah Worldwide Church staff[edit]


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