Atlanta (album)

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Live album by Porcupine Tree
Released June, 2010
Recorded 29 October 2007
Genre Progressive rock, progressive metal
Length 120 min.
Porcupine Tree chronology

Atlanta is a download only double-live album by British progressive rock band Porcupine Tree recorded at the Roxy theatre, Atlanta, USA on 29 October 2007.[1] The show recording was initially intended for a prospective Porcupine Tree live album, but this decision was later turned down as development of the Anesthetize DVD project began. In the wake of the news regarding Mick Karn's advanced stage cancer, the band decided to put it out as a downloadable item from the Burning Shed online store at a very cheap cost, as a .RAR file split in two parts, all in MP3 format at 320kbit/s with completely printable artwork designed by Carl Glover. The profits from the Atlanta downloads are intended to help Mick pay his treatment. A 24-bit FLAC version was released in August 2010; profits from this version go to the Teenage Cancer Trust.[2] Since the album's artwork is set up for two CDs it is widely considered to be a double album.[3] The album has a very similar track listing to the Anesthetize DVD and includes the first official live recording of the track "A Smart Kid".

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Fear of a Blank Planet" (from Fear of a Blank Planet) 9:31
2. "What Happens Now?" (from Nil Recurring) 8:04
3. "Sound of Muzak" (from In Absentia) 5:15
4. "Sentimental" (from Fear of a Blank Planet) 5:36
5. "Drown With Me" (B-Side from In Absentia) 5:51
6. "Anesthetize" (from Fear of a Blank Planet) 17:30
7. "Open Car" (from Deadwing) 4:44
8. "Dark Matter" (from Signify) 8:51
9. "Cheating the Polygraph" (from Nil Recurring) 8:37
10. "A Smart Kid" (from Stupid Dream) 5:30
11. "Blackest Eyes" (from In Absentia) 4:58
12. "Half-Light" (B-Side from Deadwing) 5:58
13. "Way Out of Here" (from Fear of a Blank Planet) 7:41
14. "Sleep Together" (from Fear of a Blank Planet) 8:46
15. "Even Less" (from Stupid Dream) 6:11
16. "Halo" (from Deadwing) 7:29



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