Atlantic Airlines (United Kingdom)

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For the national airline of the Faroe Islands, see Atlantic Airways.
Atlantic Airlines
West atlantic logo.svg
Founded 2001
Fleet size 19
Destinations 22
Parent company West Atlantic Group
Headquarters Coventry, United Kingdom
Key people Tony Auld (CEO)
Nigel Hiorns (Maintenance Director)
Russell Ladkin (Managing Director)
Atlantic Airlines Lockheed L-188 Electra

Atlantic Airlines Limited trading as West Atlantic, is a British cargo airline based in Coventry, United Kingdom. It operates contract and ad hoc cargo flights worldwide, especially within Europe and across the Atlantic as part of the West Atlantic Group. Most of their flights depart from East Midlands and Bournemouth. The airline specialises in the transport of dangerous goods and radioactive products and other specialist aerial work, including oil spill response, dispersant spraying and icing trials. The prime activity of the business is the supply and operating of aircraft to night-time freight integrators and consolidators and the operation of ad hoc air charters on behalf of other airline, freight brokers and forwarders.

Atlantic Airlines holds an EU Ops Air Operators Certificate with the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority and a Type A Operating Licence, permitting it to carry cargo and mail on aircraft.[1]

Atlantic Airlines is a partner airline with Atlantic Flight Training which was also once part of the Atlantic group.

Atlantic Airlines merged with the Swedish airline "West Air Europe" in 2008 to establish the new airline "West Atlantic".


The airline was established in 1994. It was formed as part of the Air Atlantique Group of Companies to specialise in the supply of contract and ad hoc cargo services. Since July 2001 Atlantic Airlines has traded independently and continues to broaden its product range and capability through the marketing of its Air Operators Certificate (AOC) and Part 145 Maintenance capabilities. Atlantic also performs all of its own aircraft maintenance.

The company Atlantic Airlines Limited was established in March 2001 when the management performed a buy-in to the trading company. A full management buy-out was achieved on May 28, 2004 when the same management purchased all the assets of the business including aircraft, spares, engines etc.

In January 2006, Atlantic acquired the first of an order for 5 BAe ATP freighter aircraft.

In February 2007, Atlantic Airlines signed an agreement with BAE Systems Regional Aircraft to long-term lease a further 6 BAe ATP freighters bringing the total orders to 11.[2] The company has currently converted 9 aircraft with the remaining two expected to be converted during 2010.

In October 2008, it was announced that the airline would merge with West Air Sweden to form a new airline called West Atlantic with its headquarters in Sweden.[3][4]

On 8 December 2009, Atlantic Airlines' biggest base, Coventry Airport, was closed due to financial reasons causing Atlantic Airlines to cease all cargo flights to and from the airport.[5] Atlantic Airlines moved all Coventry flights to Birmingham on a temporary basis as a result.[6]

However, the airline recommenced operations out of Coventry Airport due to the re-opening after it was bought by Sir Peter Rigby.


Atlantic Airlines serves daily the following destinations:

Terminated destinations[edit]

  • Italy - Naples
  • Slovenia - Ljubljana


The Atlantic Airlines fleet included the following aircraft (at February 2015):[7]

Atlantic Airlines Cargo Fleet
Aircraft In Service Orders
BAe ATP 12
Boeing 737-300/400 7
Total 19 0


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