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Logo of Atlantic Jaxx

Atlantic Jaxx is a record company founded and owned by electronica / house music duo Basement Jaxx.

Artists include[edit]

  • Afrofiesta
  • Gwyn Jay Allen
  • Basement Jaxx (also release solo records as "Buxton" and "Ratcliffe", as well as under the aliases of "The Heartists," "Nifty" and "Jaxtrak")
  • Banana Krew
  • Braziu Xplozian aka Jorge Batista
  • Jaques Da Booty
  • Junction
  • House Breakerz
  • Moreno
  • Phil Linton
  • Sharlene Hector
  • Snakeskin
  • Ronnie Richards
  • Yen Sung
  • CL Gris

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