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Atlantic Veal & Lamb Inc. was founded in 1956. The company acquired Plume De Veau in 1998, becoming the largest veal processor in the United States.[citation needed] It operates from three facilities in New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. It is based in Brooklyn, New York. Atlantic Veal & Lamb is a member of a veal growers cooperative operating out of eastern Ohio.

Mad Cow[edit]

Japan halted the importation of all U.S. beef on Friday, January 20, 2006, in response to the detection of bone material found in a shipment of veal from Atlantic Veal & Lamb. Bone material is considered a bovine spongiform encephalopathy disease risk by Japan. This halt in beef importation came only six weeks after Japan lifted a two-year ban that had been imposed in 2003. The company claimed that the shipment was an error, and noted that the product sent was legal in the United States.

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