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Atlantica Party
Leader Jonathan Dean
Founded 2005
Dissolved 2012
Headquarters 1096 Queen Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3H 2R9
Ideology Populism
Fiscal Conservatism
Official website
Politics of Nova Scotia
Political parties

The Atlantica Party is a Canadian political organization based in Nova Scotia and claiming to be active also in New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador. The Atlantica Party association was registered with the government of Nova Scotia as a political association in April 2009.[1] During the 2009 Nova Scotia election the party began to recruit candidates and revealed a platform. It was registered as a political party by Elections Nova Scotia on March 10, 2010.[2][3] The party was deregistered by Elections Nova Scotia at the request of party leader Jonathan Dean on June 5, 2012 after the party was suspended for failing to file its 2011 annual reports.[4]


Aspects of this platform included:[5][6]

  • A set policies to give Nova Scotia a rebirth of democracy.
  • A political system with full separation of political powers making it policy forward, answerable to, focused on and involving citizens.
  • A reformed voting system where every vote counts and every vote is equal, e.g., Single Transferable Vote. - other parties are generally neutral on the type of electoral reform, though some (like the Green Party of Nova Scotia) favour any form of reform at all.
  • Fully transparent governance.
  • Promoting a written constitution for Nova Scotia
  • Make an active effort to unite Atlantic Canada in some form with a common bargaining position or into a united province. Both actions are intended to prepare for the event of Quebec sovereignty should that ever occur.
  • A basket of policies that will give Nova Scotia long term growth rates higher than other regions in North America.
  • Set a hard target to get Nova Scotia off equalization payments making Nova Scotia a 'have' province.
  • Steady, gradual reduction in government spending and taxation while maintaining a firm commitment to balanced budgets and debt reduction.
  • Protecting and extending individual liberty and freedom.
  • Libertarian progressive social policies such as a referendum on legalizing and regulating marijuana - a position held also by the Greens and Nova Scotia Marijuana Party
  • A party that purports to discard the old ideological silos of blue, red, orange and green in favour of a multi-hued grassland where every citizen votes his or her own conscience without fear of marginalization, party politics or government manipulation.

Party leaders[edit]

Jonathan Geoffrey Dean (November 17, 2006 – present). He ran in the provincial election of 2009 in the riding of Halifax Clayton Park, placing fifth with 51 votes.[7] In 2010, Dean ran in a byelection in the riding of Yarmouth, finishing last with 19 votes.[8]


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