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Atlas Network
Motto All together to protect you
Formation 1996
Region served Europe

The Atlas Network is an association consisting of the special police units of the 28 states of the European Union.[1] The goal of Atlas is to improve cooperation among the police units and to enhance skills by training with the other units. The name Atlas is a reference to the Titan Atlas from the Ancient Greek mythology.


In 1996 the Council of the European Union decided to establish a network which would increase skills, knowledge and expertise about counter-terrorism among the law enforcement agencies of the member states of the European Union. After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 the Atlas Network was formed in order to prevent similar attacks in Europe.[2]

Sharing of expertise[edit]

On a regular basis meetings and joint exercises are conducted among the units.

Five project teams were created which consisted of special police units of four member states which specialized in certain areas.[3]

  • The Austrian EKO Cobra on raids in buildings
  • The British SCO19 on raids in subways
  • The French GIGN on airplane raids
  • The French RAID on raids of trains and busses
  • The German GSG 9 for maritime actions


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