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Atlingbo Church, external view

Atlingbo Church (Swedish: Atlingbo kyrka) is a medieval Lutheran church on the Swedish island of Gotland, in the Diocese of Visby (Sweden).

History and architecture[edit]

The present church was erected on the site of an earlier, 12th-century church. The presently visible church was erected during the 13th century. The oldest parts are the choir and apse, dating from the first part of the century. At the end of the century, the nave and tower base were constructed; the tower was never finished. The sacristy was added in 1800-01. The church has three remaining medieval portals, two Gothic and one Romanesque. Among the furnishings of the church, the baptismal font, made during the 12th century probably by Master Byzantios is noteworthy. The altar and pulpit date from the 17th century while the pews are from the 18th century.[1]


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