Atomic Energy Organization of Iran

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Atomic Energy Organization of Iran
Iranische Atomenergieorganisation logo.svg
The AEOI flag
Established 1974
Type Organization
Legal status Active
Headquarters Tehran, Iran
Head Ali Akbar Salehi
Nuclear power in Iran

The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) is the main official body responsible for implementing regulations and operating nuclear energy installations in Iran.

It is headquartered in northern Amir Abad district in Tehran, but has facilities throughout the country. The organization is currently headed by Ali Akbar Salehi, who was named to replace Fereydoon Abbasi 15 August 2013.[1]


  • Nuclear Fuel Production Division (NFPD): Research and development on the nuclear fuel cycle, including uranium exploration, mining, milling, conversion, and nuclear waste management; departments include Jaber Ibn Hayan Research Dept., Exploration and Mining Dept., Benefication and Hydrometallurgical Research Center, Nuclear Fuel Research and Production Center, Waste Management Dept., and Saghand Mining Dept.
  • Nuclear Power Plant Division (NPPD): Responsible for planning, construction, commissioning, decommissioning and nuclear safety of nuclear power plants in Iran.
  • Engineering and Technical Supervision Department (ETSD): Design, review, evaluation and approval of engineering and technical documents, participation and quality control.
  • Research Division: Responsible for planning and guiding research projects; has eight affiliated research centers: Nuclear Research Center, Research Center for Lasers and their Application; Nuclear Fusion Research Center, Gamma Irradiation Center, Center for Renewable Energy Development, Nuclear Research Center for Agriculture and Medicine (Karaj), Yazd Radiation Processing Center, and Bonab Research Center.
  • International Affairs Department (IAD): Oversees cooperation with AEOI counterparts abroad and drafts documents on AEOI policies; maintains a delegation at the IAEA in Vienna, Austria and one in Moscow, Russia.

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