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Atrocity performs at the Kavarna Rock Fest in 2010
Background information
Origin Ludwigsburg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Genres Gothic metal, Death metal, Folk Metal, Ambient music
Years active 1985–present
Labels Nuclear Blast, Roadrunner, Massacre, Motor, Napalm
Associated acts Leaves' Eyes
Members Alexander Krull
Thorsten Bauer
Sander van der Meer
JB van der Wal
Joris Nijenhuis
Past members René Tometschek
Gernot Winkler
Mathias Röderer
Frank Knodel
Oliver Klasen
Michael Schwarz
Richard Scharf
Markus Knapp
Christian Lukhaup
Martin Schmidt
Moritz Neuner
Alla Fedynitch
Nicholas Barker
Seven Antonopoulos
Roland Navratil

Atrocity is a German heavy metal band from Ludwigsburg that formed in 1985.


First started in 1985 as Instigators and playing grindcore, Atrocity arose as a death metal band with their debut EP, Blue Blood, in 1989, followed soon by Hallucinations, a concept album about drug use. Their second album, Todessehnsucht ("longing for death"), ventured into death metal classics with a cover of "Archangel" by the band Death. Their musical scope broadened over the years, incorporating medieval and horror influences on their 1994 Dracula-based concept album Atrocity's Blut, (styled after the successful film Bram Stoker's Dracula). Atrocity's Blut was followed by Calling the Rain, an MCD with female vocals by guest singer Yasmin Krull and acoustic music.[1]

The 1996 release Willenskraft introduced industrial elements, with the special bonus CD of the album's special edition (Kraft und Wille) including electronic remixes of the songs. The later releases were less and less metallic; Werk 80 featured versions of 1980s disco hits and the band had no apparent direction for the following few years. Unusual MCD-releases and experimental songs like "Lili Marlene" covers (featured on Gemini) estranged many of their original metal fans.[2]

After 2000, nothing had been heard from Atrocity and seemed to have disbanded. However, they returned after four years with a new concept album, Atlantis, centered around the myths of the sunken continent of Atlantis. The album also features the vocals of Alexander's wife, Liv-Kristine Espanaes Krull (formerly in Theatre of Tragedy). The band members also formed the atmospheric metal band Leaves' Eyes, which features Liv Kristine as lead singer.[3]

The release of the eleventh album After the Storm in 2010 started a new era for the band in the Ethno Metal genre.[4] Yasmin Krull returned a second time as guest singer and instrumentalist for the project.[5]

On 11 November 2007, Atrocity announced that bassist Chris Lukhaup was leaving the band for personal reasons and that drummer Moritz Neuner was taking another turn in his working career. Seven Antonopolous was named as the new drummer in late October 2008.[6]


Current members[edit]

Featuring artists[edit]

Former/Session members[edit]

  • Gernot Winkler (R.I.P.) – Drums
  • René Tometschek – Bass
  • Frank Knodel – Guitars
  • Oliver Klasen – Bass
  • Markus Knapp – Bass
  • Richard Scharf – Guitars
  • Michael Schwarz – Drums
  • Martin Schmidt – Drums
  • Moritz Neuner – Drums
  • Chris Lukhaup – Bass
  • Nicholas Barker – Drums
  • Alla Fedynitch – Bass
  • Seven Antonopolous – Drums
  • Mathias Röderer – Guitars
  • Roland Navratil – Drums


Studio albums[edit]



  • 2012: Die Gottlosen Jahre


  • "Blut" (taken from Blut album 1994)
  • "Calling The Rain" (taken from Calling the Rain mcd 1995)
  • "Die Liebe" (with Das Ich) (taken from Die Liebe mcd 1995)
  • "Love is Dead" (taken from Willenskraft album 1996)
  • "Taste Of Sin" (taken from Gemini album 2000)
  • "Cold Black Days" (taken from Atlantis album 2004)
  • "The Sun Always Shines on TV" (taken from Werk 80 II album 2008)
  • "Pandaemonium" (taken from Okkult album 2013)

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