Attacks from the Future: Rinoplasticos

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Attacks from the Future
Also known as Rinoplasticos
Genre Speculative fiction, science fiction, action, adventure, fantasy, road film
Created by Productions Calderón
Directed by Pauli Janhunen Calderón
Starring Andrés Luciano Calderón
Pauli Janhunen Calderón
Emilio Janhunen Calderón
Álvaro Calderón Grobet
Marina Janhunen Calderón
Xizco O. Triana
Álvaro Calderón Sr.
Pablo Calderón Ramírez
Country of origin Mexico, Sweden, Finland
Original language(s) Spanish, English
No. of episodes Original series:
Expanded series:
Executive producer(s) Álvaro Calderón Sr.
Xizco O. Triana
Fransi Milocetti
Producer(s) Marina Janhunen Calderón
Álvaro Calderón Grobet
Editor(s) Andrés Luciano Calderón
Pauli Janhunen Calderón
Location(s) Ixtapa, Mexico
Cuernavaca, Mexico
Stockholm, Sweden
Savo, Finland
Turku, Finland
Running time The Rinoplasticos:
10 min
Rinoplasticos II:
19 min
Rinoplasticos III:
24 min
Rinoplasticos IV:
26 min
A Frozen Land:
21 min
Rinoplasticos V:
28 min
Rinoplasticos VI:
60 min
The Story of Kripto:
62 min
A Warrior's Journey:
55 min
Production company(s) Productions Calderón
Sobrelcielo Video
Janhunen Pictures
Distributor Subsuelo Audio
Guard Entertainment
Picture format 480p / 720p WMV / MOV
Original airing Original series:
July 9, 2005 (2005-07-09) – July 7, 2012 (2012-07-07)
Expanded series:
December 24, 2010 (2010-12-24) – present

Attacks from the Future (original title in Spanish: Ataques Del Futuro) is an independent film series of fantasy–science fiction–adventure made by Calderón Productions, with some valuable help from Subsuelo Audio and Sobrelcielo Video.[1] Most films have been made in Mexico, however, part of the series has been produced in Sweden and Finland. The films started with their first release on the big screen in 2005 with Attacks from the Future Episode I. After the success of the first film, Calderon Productions decided to continue making these films, thus the Saga was born. It includes two series. The original series started in 2005, and ended in 2012 with Rinoplasticos VI. The expanded series started in 2010 with A Frozen Land, and is expected to end in 2016 or 2017 with a still untitled film. Most of the expanded series have been filmed in Finland.

The upcoming The Paths of Kripto is in mid stages of post-production.


First film[edit]

In early 2004 Productions Calderon did some test filming in Ixtapa. After watching the footage they decided to make a story about it. The production began in June 2005.[2] At first they had some problems with coming up with the right concept for the heroes, Then they got it. They were to be a mutant race, involved in saving their world and Universe. They are half rhinoceros half plastic: a Rinoplastico. The film takes place 5 million years into the future, so it made sense with these kind of mutations. It took about 2 weeks to film, and several days to edit. To make the figures, props and sets. They used, mostly plastilina (a Mexican type of clay), and all sorts of recycled materials.

Second and third films[edit]

After the first film productions Calderon decided to make at least two sequels. The production began in the summer of 2006. They took the opportunity to introduce new characters, and expanding world. The film had its premiere in winter 2006. It was also the first to include a Bonus Feature on the DVD. After the second part they started working on the third one. It was filmed during winter of 2007, afterwards it spent a long time in post-production. It was finally released in spring of 2008. At first it was supposed to be the final part of the series, but before the premiere of the third film it was decided that it should be six films.

Fourth film and spin-off[edit]

After the third film the production took a little break to figure out the next story. After a lot of changes in development they were ready to film. It had its premiere at New Year's Eve 2009. After the fourth film it was decided to make spin-off. Productions Calderon got help from Guard Entertainment. It was originally supposed to be in Spanish as the other films, but because of the new crew it was made in English. It was filmed in Sweden and Finland 2010. It was the first one to be filmed in snow, as the other ones where filmed in tropic environments.

Fifth and sixth film[edit]

After Rinoplasticos 4,5: A Frozen Land Productions Calderon were ready to make the fifth instalment of the Rinoplastico series. The filming began summer 2010. In this part they tried to make the audience concentrate more on the story rather than all the action. The film had its premiere in June 2011. The script for the sixth chapter was written during the fall of 2011. Filming started in late December 2011, and was concluded in January 2012. It had its premiere July 2012. It was supposed to be the last part chronologically, and it was the first episode to be an hour long.

Further spin-off films[edit]

The release of A Frozen Land inspired new ideas of films featuring other characters. A film about Kripto entered development in summer 2010, later another film about Minipupa was also announced. Both films would serve as prequels and stand-alone films in the series. However both of these films were put on hiatus due to filming of Rinoplasticos V and VI. Almost a moth after the premiere of VI a spin-off short was made, called The Good Side is Better. This revived the ideas of the other two prequel films. This series was later titled The Expanded series. The Story of Kripto started filming in fall 2012, and was released that following spring. An untitled Kripto sequel was announced for a 2015 release, as a celebration of the 10-year anniversary. A Warrior's Journey started production in summer 2014.

Original series[edit]

Attacks from the Future: The Rinoplasticos (2005)[edit]

5 million years in the future a new race called Rinoplasticos are going to leave to a new home. One of them is named Rimopasto. He leads his friends on the way. A squad of evil robots lead by the powerful Munra tries to take over the planet and destroy the Rinoplasticos. A friend comes to the aid of the Rinoplasticos. The Iguana Rescuer fights against the robots. Munra manages to kill Rimopastos friends before he himself meets his demice.

Attacks from the Future: Rinoplasticos II (2006)[edit]

(Alternately spelled Attacks from the Future 2) As the only survivor of Munras attack, Rimopasto finds himself alone in the wild. He finds a new friend called Rino that takes him to the city of the Elegant Dinos. The leader of the town called Rexy and is a good friend to Rino. Meanwhile the two generals Mucra and Cucra find out that Munra is dead. The generals inform Ork Malok the ruler of the square planet about the discovery. A new breed of robots, including Kripto, prepare to avenge their friend. Rexy tells the Rinoplasticos to hide in the sacred cave. Ork Malok's troops kills the Elegant Dinos. Rexy manages to survive. When the troops arrive at the cave they are ambushed by its protector: The Great Cavern Dragon. The generals are killed while Ork Malok returns home.

Attacks from the Future: Rinoplasticos III (2008)[edit]

(Stylized as R-III and alternately spelled Rinoplasticos: Revenge of the Malok) The Rinoplasticos find a relic that teleports them to the center of time. There they encounter a magical being named Torpac. He sends two Rnoplastico warriors from the past to help them defeat the robots. The warriors are called Minipupa and Savion Mimbra. The Meanwhile Mas Malok returns to his homeplanet and punishes Ork Malok for his previous commands. With the aid of his two new generals: Scales and Kliek, they take the best troops, including an upgraded Kripto, and goes to the planet of the Rinoplasticos, to kill them all. Rexy gets to the cave and warns his friends about the attack. The troops land outside the cave and fight the Cavern Dragon, who ultimately is killed b Scales. General 3 Eyes sends the robot troops to fight Minipupa. The Rinoplasticos eventually win the fight. The only robot to survive is Kripto who decides to stay with his new friends. Savion Mimbra is however killed in the fight. Mask Malok tries to escape, but on his way home he is killed by a new rase called the Depredators.

Attacks from the Future: Rinoplasticos IV (2009)[edit]

(Stylized as R-4) The robot rase the Depredators lead under the command of the evil Mani Comio take over the square planet. They defeat all the remaining robts on the planet, including General 3 Eyes. They then prepare to attack the Rinoplasticos for still unknown reasons. Rimopasto and Rino go on a journey to find more Rinoplasticos. They discover that their warrior Minipupa friend has dissapered, they assume he has some important mission to do (events are explained in A Frozen Land). Some new friends they find are: Rino-Retro, Riplat, Cuernito and Rino Rainbow. They encounter the great Clam Chowder-Luck who tells them a vision of the future. The Depredators land on the planet and captures one Rinoplastico at a time. Rino and Rimopasto with some help from Rexy find their way to a new continent. There they are greeted by the Fighting Primates. Meanwhile Kripto is captured by Mani Comio.

Attacks from the Future: Rinoplasticos V (2011)[edit]

(Alternately spelled Rinoplasticos 5) Rimopasto and Rino have been resting and gathering strength in the village of the Fighting Primates for over a year. Rino gets sent away inside a crystal pyramide, in order to do something very important for their rase. The Depredators with the help of the Orgunz attack the village and captures Rimopasto. Meanwhile Kripto is held prisoner in Mani Comio's laboratory. A clone similar to Kripto is created. Rino meets Torpac inside pyramide. Torpac says that he must find Granpupa (previously known as Minipupa) in order to win back the freedom for the Rinoplasticos. Rino is transported to a mysterious jungle. He is attacked by strange creatures called Naranxilles. A new friend called Rhinochero saves Rino from the Naranxilles. He shows Rino that he and some other warrior Rinoplasticos have lived in peace there. He says to Rino that they will help him free Rimopasto from the Depredators. Mani Comio lands on the planet and searches for the location of Rino.

Attacks from the Future: Rinoplasticos VI (2012)[edit]

(Stylized as RinoplasticosIIIIII and alternately spelled Rinoplasticos: The Final Battle) Clam Chowder-Luck tells the story of the evolution of the Rinoplasticos. Rino and his new friends lead by Rhinochero make their way out of the jungle. They find a creature called Cerdoplastico who shows them where Granpupa is. They eventually meet Granpupa who tells them that he had to stop a relic in the frozen lands. He then tells them that he will guide them to the secret city. Meanwhile the evil forces of the Triangle planet lead by General 6 Eyes find the remains of Mas Malok in the Intergalactic ocean. Rimopasto is shown that the Depredators want to make bottles out of the Rinoplasticos. A friend called Riplat is killed and his body is filled with liquid. Rimopasto is held alive as they still have use of him. Mani Comio finds Rino and his friends he fights and defeats them. They are all taken to the base as prisoners. Kripto escapes the laboratory and frees the Rinoplasticos. During the escape Kripto defeats his evil clone. Meanwhile Mas Malok has been rebuilt as Super Malok he tells his troops to prepare for the final battle. Rino and his friends face Mani Comio who is revealed to be the Court Jester (previously appeared in Rinoplasticos II) who was believed to be dead. Super Malok arrives with his troops and a great battle takes place. Rexy arrivies with a ship and helps his friends get away. The Court Jester takes out a bomb and destroys himself, Super Malok and the planet. Back home the Rinoplasticos are greeted by Toprac, Clam Chowder-Luck and the Orgunz. They all celebrate their victory. (The first episode to be an hour long)

In a post-credit scene the evil clone of Kripto survives and finds the crystal pyramide. He travels back in time to the human age. The President is informed that a mysterious ship is approaching Earth. The President replies that the age of the Atomic war has begun.

Expanded series[edit]

A Frozen Land (2010)[edit]

(Stylized and alternately spelled as Rinoplasticos 4,5: A Frozen Land) Mani Comio tells some of his Depredators that they have to find the snow relic. Riplat meets with Minipupa that tells him that he needs his help. Riplat is taken to the courters of the spiritual being called Luhos the Wise. He tells them that they will go on a mission to stop the dangerous snow relic that is threatening the whole world. The Depredators lead by Firon Mortimalax land in the frozen lands. Riplat and his friend Loumu are attacked by them. Minipupa comes to rescue with help from two other Rinoplastico warrios named Reicon and Mephiles. They manage to defeat most of the Depredators before they make their way to the Snow Temple. Inside te temple they meet the Relic Keeper. Reicon and Mephiles are killed by Firon Mortimalax. Riplats tries to fight him, but is defeated. The relic gets destroyed and Minipupa makes is way back to his friends Rino and Rimopasto

Takes place between Rinoplasticos IV and V. Explains what happened to the character Riplat and why Minipupa disappeared from the group. It is also he first film in the series to be in English language.

The Story of Kripto (2013)[edit]

(commonly referred to as Kripto) A followup starring a minor character in the series. Set in three acts. The film is about the robotic creature Kripto and his struggle to survive the harch war conditions, and to be accepted in to society by Mas Malok and the Powerful Munra. Production of this film started in late October 2012. Post-production was completed during the Spring of 2013. It was released on March 29, 2013 in Europe, and on July 5 in America.

A Warrior's Journey (2014)[edit]

(Also known as Rinoplasticos: A Warrior's Journey) An army lead by a powerful Rinoplastico is threatening to destroy all the remaining villages. Mimbra must find and gather all the surviving warriors in order to come up with a way to defeat the menacing empire. It was first revealed in 2011 with the title Minipupa: The Great Warrior. Production began Summer 2014 and was released in November 2014. It was stated as a stand-alone story, but it could also be considered a follow-up to Frozen Land.

The Paths of Kripto (2015)[edit]

(commonly referred to as Kripto II) A sequel that takes place after Rinoplasticos VI. Kripto must find a mysterious relic in order to stop an old enemy. On his travel he unites with a friend from another time. The release date is for summer 2015, ten years after the first film. Filming took place from August to December 2014. It will feature the return of characters like Rexy, Rimopasto, General 6 Eyes and Rino in major roles since the release of Rinoplasticos VI in 2012.

Short film[edit]

The Good Side is Better (2012)[edit]

(Also known as Rinoplasticos One-Shot) Takes place during the same time as the events of Rinoplasticos VI. Tells the story of what happened to the Orgunz and the Earth Depredator after they got captured by the Fighting Primates. Also explains how Rexy knows were the Rinoplasticos are. It features a cameo of Kripto's clone and the Crystal Pyramide.

The short was filmed on July 27, 2012. Just a few weeks after the premiere of VI. It was included in the special features of the release of The Story of Kripto. The runtime is 12 minutes.


Upcoming films[edit]

There has been some talk about making some prequels featuring minor characters. Two of them were confirmed in 2010 as: The Story of Kripto, tells the story of Kripto, and was intended to be in three parts. Part I: Boot Camp, Part II: The War and Part III: Aftermath. Another prequel was Minipupa: The Great Warrior, which would tell the story of Minipupa. There have also been ideas about making other stories about Attacks from the Future, where there is a different story every time. There has even been ideas in making other films using different kinds of animation and other techniques.

In 2012 it was revealed that The Story of Kripto would start filming in late October to early November that year, with a release for spring 2013. It was also announced that A Warrior's Journey (previously titled Minipupa: The Great Warrior) was set to be released in summer of 2015. The three parts of The Story of Kripto would now appear as three acts in the film which ment that they wouldn't be released as separate films. In October 2012 it was revealed that Munra (who was the main antagonist in the first film) was going to have a major role in the prequel. On October 29 the first official image was revealed.

In January 2013 it was said that Warrior's Journey would be filmed back-to-back with a still untitled film about Kripto. The release date for Warrior was changed from summer 2015 to Christmas 2014, as the Kripto film received the summer release. Both films will be filmed in Finland. In May 2013 the production started writing the scripts. The title for The Paths of Kripto was revealed and confirmed on June 5, 2014.

The first concept art poster for Warrior was released on March 9, 2014. Filming commenced during June 2014.

Potential Rinoplasticos VII[edit]

It is confirmed that the sixth part is the final chapter in the Original series, but there has been rumors that a seventh film would be the launch of a new series tentatively called the Revivial series. It has been said that if a Attacks from the Future: Rinoplasticos VII would be made, it wouldn't be until the year 2021, and that it would be in Spanish again. Calderón Productions has mentioned that the older we all get the more necessary it is to write another Attacks from the Future movie.

Cast and characters[edit]

Character Original series Expanded series
The Rinoplasticos Rinoplasticos II Rinoplasticos III Rinoplasticos IV Rinoplasticos V Rinoplasticos VI A Frozen Land The Story of Kripto A Warrior's Journey The Paths of Kripto
Rimopasto Andrés Luciano Calderón   Mentioned Stock footage Timo Janhunen
Kripto Pauli Janhunen Calderón   Pauli Janhunen Calderón   Pauli Janhunen Calderón
Rino   Pauli Janhunen Calderón  Mentioned Stock footage Emilio Janhunen Calderón
Minipupa/Granpupa   Andrés Calderon  Mentioned Andrés Calderon Pauli JC Stock footage Pauli JC  
Rexy   Álvaro Calderón Grobet   Álvaro Calderón Grobet Silent cameo Henrik Lindmark
Mas Malok/Super Malok   Andrés Luciano Calderón  Mentioned   Andrés Luciano Calderón   Pauli Janhunen Calderón  
Mani Comio   Andrés Luciano Calderón Pauli Janhunen Calderón  
Torpac   Álvaro Calderón Grobet   Álvaro Calderón Grobet   Álvaro Calderón Grobet
Powerful Munra Andrés Luciano Calderón  Mentioned   Pauli Janhunen Calderón  
Robot-Eating Creature Pauli Janhunen Calderón  
Iguana Rescuer Andrés Luciano Calderón  
Ork Malok   Andrés Luciano Calderón    Mentioned   Emilio Janhunen Calderón  
Court Jester   Álvaro Calderón Grobet  Mentioned   Pauli JC & Andrés Luciano   Silent cameo  
Great Cave Cavern Dragon   Álvaro Calderón Senior   Silent cameo  
Mucra   Andrés Luciano Calderón   Pauli Janhunen Calderón  
Cucra   Álvaro Calderón Grobet    Mentioned  
General Scales   Andrés Luciano Calderón  
General Kliek   Pauli Janhunen Calderón  
General 3 Eyes   Xizco O. Triana Emilio Janhunen Calderón  
Savion Mimbra   Álvaro Calderón Grobet   Silent cameo   Pauli JC  
Firon Mortimalax   Pauli Janhunen Calderón  
Clam Chowder-Luck   Álvaro Calderón Grobet   Álvaro Calderón Grobet  
Earth Depredator Pauli Janhunen Calderon
Riplat   Pauli Janhunen Calderón   Álvaro Calderón Grobet Pauli Janhunen Calderón  
Rexa   Mayte Calderón Grobet  
Rino-Retro   Pauli JC & Andres Luciano  
Orgunz Pauli Janhunen Calderon
Rhinochero   Andrés Luciano Calderón   Andrés Luciano  
King Luchon   Emilio Janhunen Calderón  
Picos Brawl   Emilio Janhunen Calderón   Andrés Luciano  
Ojos   Pauli Janhunen Calderón  
Kripto Clone/Zedus   Pauli Janhunen Calderón   Pauli Janhunen Calderón
The Butler Emilio Janhunen Calderon
General 6 Eyes   Xizco O. Triana   Xizco O. Triana
Reicon Pauli J.C. Alvaro Calderón
Loumu   Emilio Janhunen
Luhos the Wise Pauli J.C. David Anghel
Kropti Emilio Janhunen Calderon Emilio Janhunen Calderon
Malaghul Alvaro Calderon
Raako David Anghel

Principal crew[edit]

Role Original series Expanded series
The Rinoplasticos Rinoplasticos II Rinoplasticos III Rinoplasticos IV Rinoplasticos V Rinoplasticos VI A Frozen Land The Story of Kripto A Warrior's Journey The Paths of Kripto
Director Pauli Janhunen Calderón
Producer Marina Janhunen Calderón & Alvaro Calderón Grobet Emilio Janhunen Calderón
Writer Pauli Janhunen Calderón & Andrés Luciano Calderón Pauli Janhunen Calderón Aaron Hägg Pauli Janhunen Calderón & Fransi Milocetti Pauli Janhunen Calderón & Andrés Luciano Pauli Janhunen Calderón
Cinematographer Andrés Luciano Calderón Pauli Janhunen Calderón
Assistant director Emilio Janhunen Calderón
Key Grip Álvaro Calderón Grobet Álvaro Calderón & Xizco O. Triana Álvaro Calderón Grobet Álvaro Calderón & Xizco O. Triana Fransi Milocetti Pablo Calderón Ramirez

Box office performance[edit]

  • (A) indicates the adjusted totals based on current ticket prices (calculated by Box Office Mojo).
Film Release date Budget
Mexico and Sweden Worldwide
The Rinoplasticos July 9, 2005
Rinoplasticos II November 7, 2006
Rinoplasticos III –
Revenge of the Malok
June 24, 2008
Rinoplasticos IV December 31, 2009
A Frozen Land December 24, 2010
Rinoplasticos V June 6, 2011
Rinoplasticos VI –
The Final Battle
July 7, 2012
The Story of Kripto March 29, 2013 (Europe) July 5, (America)
A Warrior's Journey November 14, 2014
The Paths of Kripto May 15, 2015 (Europe) July 9, (America)

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