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Industry Software
Founded 2000
Headquarters Redwood City, California
Products Text and social analytics

Attensity provides enterprise-wide text analytics or unstructured data analytics solutions for greater business intelligence. Attensity's text analytics software applications extract facts, relationships and sentiment from unstructured data, which comprise approximately 85% of the information companies store electronically.[1]

The Attensity Enterprise Intelligence platform comprises several modules which provide a collective 360 degree insight for both internally and externally defined, unstructured data.

The Attensity “Pipeline” is a robust and inclusive aggregation of more than 550 million social media sources designed to source externally defined and stored data and normalize such data for analysis within the Attensity platform. Social media content is acquired from many well known providers including but not limited to: Twitter, Facebook, Buzzilla (GNIP & OMGili), Moreover and other blogs, feeds and review sites.

The Attensity Semantic Annotation Server (ASAS) is the leading Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine which interprets and annotates all unstructured data, agnostic of internal or external source which can then be used to derive insights into many of the following business challenges: Brand Analytics, Sentiment Analytics, Campaign Analytics, Product or Service Issues, Customer Care, Competitive Intelligence and Attrition Management. The Attensity Semantic Annotation Server (ASAS) comprises several aspects of NLP and Text Analytics including but not limited to: Language Identification, Noun Phrases, Part of Speech, Stemming, Contractions, Variants, Named Entity Recognition, Context based Subject/Action/Object based “Triples”, Notion of Voice, Sentiment and Profiling.

The Attensity Q is a real-time, intuitive, hosted interface for Social Media Discovery, Interpretation and Analysis.

The Attensity Analyze product is a deep-dive analytics toolkit and reporting dashboard designed to support identification and surfacing of the most granular insights which can then be easily represented within the out of the box reporting capabilities. Attensity Analyze is hosted or behind the firewall solution which supports custom Knowledge Engineering to better support the goal of surfacing strategic insights over time in support of important business decisions.

As part of the 2012 election campaign, Attensity partnered with Yahoo! to provide social analytics around the televised GOP debates.[2] Attensity also provided research on customer sentiment on campaign issues to media outlets such as USA Today.[3]


Attensity was founded in 2000. In 2009, Attensity Corp. merged with Germany's Empolis and Living-e AG to form Attensity Group.[4] In 2010, Attensity Group acquired Biz360, Inc., a provider of social media monitoring and market intelligence solutions.[5] In early 2012, Attensity Group divested itself of the Empolis business unit via a management buyout; that unit currently conducts business under its pre-merger name.

Attensity Group is a privately held company. Its majority shareholder is aeris CAPITAL, the family office of Klaus Tschira.[6]

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