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Type Private
Industry Software
Founded 2000
Headquarters Redwood City, California
Products Text and social analytics

Attensity provides social analytics and engagement applications for social customer relationship management (social CRM).[1] Attensity's text analytics software applications extract facts, relationships and sentiment from unstructured data, which comprise approximately 85% of the information companies store electronically.[2]

The software uses natural language processing technology to address collective intelligence in blogs, online forums and social media such as Twitter[3] and Facebook;[4] the voice of the customer in surveys and emails; customer experience management (CEM); e-services; research and e-discovery; risk and compliance; and intelligence analysis.[5]

Corporations that use or have used Attensity software include Airbus, Charles Schwab, Citigroup, HP, JetBlue, Lloyds Banking Group, Safeway, Siemens, StubHub, TiVo, Travelocity, Unilever, Walgreens, and Wells Fargo.[6]

As part of the 2012 election campaign, Attensity partnered with Yahoo! to provide social analytics around the televised GOP debates.[7] Attensity also provided research on customer sentiment on campaign issues to media outlets such as USA Today.[8]

Attensity offers products for both the social and non-social markets and is geared towards Enterprise-level companies.


Attensity was founded in 2000. In 2009, Attensity Corp. merged with Germany's Empolis and Living-e AG to form Attensity Group.[9] In 2010, Attensity Group acquired Biz360, Inc., a provider of social media monitoring and market intelligence solutions.[10] In early 2012, Attensity Group divested itself of the Empolis business unit via a management buyout; that unit currently conducts business under its pre-merger name.

Attensity Group is a privately held company. Its majority shareholder is aeris CAPITAL.[11]

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