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Gender Male

Attila is a popular masculine name in both Hungary and Turkey. Another version of Attila in Hungary is Etele,[1] the female equivalent of which is Etelka. Other versions of Attila used in Turkey are Atilla and simply Atila.


The word originates from Turkic Atyl/Atal/Atil[2] (ancient name of Volga River) with adjective suffix -ly which means "person from Atil". (Compare also Turkic medieval notable title atalyk - "senior as father"). Atil was the capital of the Khazar Kingdom.[3][4] Alternative version claims possibility of origin from Gothic atte, literally "a father". Atya and Ata also mean "Father" in Hungarian and Turkish, respectively (e.g. Atatürk, founder of the modern Turkey, literally means the father of the Turks).

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