Attila Kovács (athlete)

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For the Hungarian Olympic fencer, see Attila Kovács (fencer).
The native form of this personal name is Kovács Attila. This article uses the Western name order.

Attila Kovács (born September 2, 1960 in Szekszárd) is a former Hungarian sprinter. He is an 11-time Hungarian 100 metre champion, and a 4-time 200 metre champion.

Best performances[edit]

He also won the 60 metre Indoor title 3 times.

In 1985 he was European cup B 100 Metre winner.

In 1986 he represented Hungary in the 100 metres in Stuttgart in the European Championships where he reached the final and finished 7th.

In 1987 he was 4th in the World Championships in the 100 metres, originally 5th but advanced one place after the disqualification of Ben Johnson, Canada.

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