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Attilio Labis (born 1936) is a French ballet dancer and teacher. He began his training at the Opéra de Paris when he was nine years old and rose through the ranks of the school. In 1952 he was accepted into the corps de ballet of the opera, but in 1958 he had to join the military. Upon the completion his military service, he came back successfully auditioned for a principal dancer's position after only a week of training.[1] He performed as an étoile (principal dancer) in the Paris Opera Ballet from 1960 to 1972, and he is now a teacher for the company.[2]

Labis has appeared in several movies and television series, including L' Âge en fleur (1975), Le Spectre de la danse (1986),[3] and Les Cahiers retrouvés de Nina Vyroubova:1ere Version integrale de Roméo et Juliette de Prokofiev chorégraphie Attilio Labis interpreté par Christiane Vlassi et Attilio Labis : Chorégraphie de Arcades sur 3 ouvertures de Berlioz Dansé par Christiane Vlassi et Attilio Labis : Spartacus version intégrale Chorégraphie Attilio Labis, interpreté par Attilio Labis et Christiane Vlassi: Sarabande Chorégraphie Attilio Labis Interpreté parr Attilio Labis, Claude Bessy Georges Piletta Patrick Frantz Christiane Vlassi Lac des Cygnes Version Attilio Labis interpreté par Margot Fonteyn, Attilio Labis, Christiane Vlassi : Coppelia version Attilio Labis Dansé par Christiane Vlassi et Attilio Labis


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