Attius Insteius Tertullus

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Attius Insteius Tertullus (flourished between 280-308) was a Roman urban prefect.

He was a descendant of Lucius Insteius Tertullus, who was sodalis Augustalis (i.e. priest of the deified Augustus) in 214. Having risen to become a senator, Tertullus served as consul suffect before his appointments as proconsul of Africa and praefectus urbi in 307-308. He was honoured by an inscription from Patavium, and was probably the father of Attius Insteius Tertullus Populonius, imperial governor of Apulia and Calabria.


Preceded by
Gaius Annius Anullinus
Praefectus urbi of Rome
August 307 – April 308
Succeeded by
Statius Rufinus