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Origin Bitterfeld, Germany
Genres Punk rock
Years active 1983–1984
Associated acts Sex Pistols, Crass
Past members Klaus "Keule" Kauf
Uwe "Beule" Barth
Bernd "Buddel" Rauball
Peter "Akne" Winkler

AuSSchlag (English: rash) was a German punk band, founded in 1983 at Bitterfeld in East Germany.[1] They were infamous for their open criticism to life in the GDR. One secret concert by AuSSchlag was dissolved by the police with the whole audience arrested.[2] The group disbanded in 1984 allegedly giving in to the repression of the Stasi (Ministry for State Security) of the GDR.[3] Seemingly unknown to the state authorities, AuSSchlag managed to record an 11-track demo at a private Dacha near Bitterfeld.



  • Wer hat all das Gift bestellt? (recorded in 1984, released by Ostklotz Musikverlag in 2011)


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