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Auckland East was a New Zealand electorate, situated in the east of Auckland. It existed between 1861 and 1887, and again between 1905 and 1946.


The Auckland East electorate was established for the 1860-1861 elections, when the Auckland electorate was split in half. It consisted of most of modern Auckland's central business district. Its boundaries remained largely static until 1875-1876 elections, when the focus of the electorate shifted eastwards, making room for Auckland North electorate. It was abolished in the 1887 elections, with most of its territory being absorbed by the neighbouring Parnell electorate.

At the 1905 elections, a new electorate of the same name was created, again by abolishing a multi-member seat called City of Auckland. The boundaries of the new Auckland East were similar to those of the original, although its borders often shifted. By the 1938 elections, it had lost most of the central business district, and was more focused on Parnell, Newmarket, and Grafton. It was abolished in the 1946 elections, with most of its territory becoming part of a re-established Parnell electorate.

The first seat called Auckland East existed before political parties. The second seat was initially held by the Liberals, but later swung to the rising Labour Party, with the United Party (the Liberals' successor) capturing it only once after its initial loss. The seat also briefly belonged to the Reform Party, which captured it in a by-election but was unable to keep it.

Emily Maguire contested the 1928 election for the Reform Party, but was unsuccessful against James Donald of the United Party.[1]

Election results[edit]


 Independent    Liberal    Reform    Labour    United  

Election Winner
1861 election Thomas Russell
1866 election Archibald Clark[2]
1871 election Julius Vogel
1875 election William Rees
1879 election William Speight
1881 election Sir George Grey
1884 election
(Electorate abolished 1887–1905)
1905 election Frederick Baume
1908 election
1910 by-election Arthur Myers
1911 election
1914 election
1919 election
1921 by-election Clutha Mackenzie
1922 election John A. Lee
1925 election
1928 election James Donald
1931 election Frederick Schramm
1935 election
1938 election
1943 election
(Electorate abolished 1946)

Election results[edit]

1931 election[edit]

General election, 1931: Auckland East[3]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Labour Frederick Schramm 3,893 41.66
Reform Harold Percy Burton 2,256 24.14
United William Henry Horton 1,754 18.77
Women's Candidate Ellen Melville 1,002 10.72
Independent John Alexander Arthur 439 4.70
Majority 1,637 17.52
Registered electors 12,678
Turnout 9,344 73.70


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