Auda of France

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Auda, Aida, Alda, Aldana or Adalne (732 – before 755?) was a daughter of Charles Martel and probably Rotrude and mother of Saint William of Gellone.

Marriage and children[edit]

She was married to Thierry IV, count of Autun in 742 and in 750, son of Theodoric, count, and descendant of Bertrada of Prüm. From this marriage were born:

  • Theodoen (d. bef. 826), count of Autun, mentioned in 804
  • Thierry, mentioned in 782 and in 804.
  • Adalhelm
  • William, count of Toulouse and founder of the Abbey of Gellone.
  • Abba and Berta, mentioned as nuns in 804. One of them was probably married to a Nibelungid, Childebrand II or Nibelung II.