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Audioboo is a website and an application (for iPhone OS, iPad, Android and Blackberry 10) which allows users to post and share sound files.


Audioboo was founded in March 2009 by Mark Rock and initially funded by Channel 4 through its 4IP project. Its use by The Guardian newspaper at the G20 protests weeks after launch helped its adoption in the UK. In June 2010, the company closed an investment round with angels and companies including UBC Media.


Audioboo allows smartphone and website users to record, upload and playback digital audio recordings, which can be then listened to on the Audioboo website, listened via the apps, embedded in a user's own website, Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr feed, and submitted to iTunes as a podcast feed. Image, location, title, description, category and tags can be enclosed with any uploaded clip.

Registration is optional, but registered users have their own pages and feeds/channels akin to Twitter or YouTube. They can also send audio direct messages to each other, and collect playlists. Newly registered and anonymous users are given 10 minutes per clip to upload, though users can pay for longer record times. There is currently no upper limit to how many clips a user can upload, making the site popular with audio bloggers, diarists, journalists, teachers, and podcasters.

Uploading can be done:

  • with an iPhone, iPad, Android device or Blackberry 10 device
  • directly via the website
  • via email ("BooMail")
  • via IVR phone lines ("PhoneBoo")
  • via API interface

A playback-only app is also available for Windows 8 devices.

Notable users[edit]

  • Stephen Fry[1] promoted and still uses the application, and recorded a welcome message which is sent to all new users.
  • The Kidd Kraddick In The Morning show joined in January 2013 and rapidly became the most popular channel on the platform.
  • Journalists from the The Guardian have used the apps to liveblog news and gather reactions, including from the Gaza Strip and from the site of the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing.
  • Southern Cross Austereo's stations including Triple M and Today Network began using the platform in December 2013.[2]
  • A formal partnership was entered into with BBC Radio in April 2012. Users include BBC Radios 2, 4 and 6, a number of BBC Local Radio stations, and several World Service non-English language stations.[3]
  • The Premier League joined in late 2013, hosting its podcast[4] and promoting the use of Audioboo amongst Premier League clubs.



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