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An Audio optical disc is an optical disc that stores sound information such as music or speech.

It may specifically refer to:

  • Compressed audio optical disc encompasses all 120mm disc capacities (CDs being 700MB per disc, DVDs being 4 GB per layer per disc), this disc contains MP3s and other compressed audio files in Yellow Book format.

Audio CDs[edit]

  • Compact Disc (CD), an optical disc used to store digital data (700 MB storage)
    • Compact Disc Digital Audio (CD-DA), a CD that contains PCM encoded digital audio in the original "Red Book" CD-DA format
    • 5.1 Music Disc, an extension to the red book standard that uses DTS Coherent Acoustics 5.1 surround sound

Audio DVDs[edit]

  • DVD, 4 GB single layer, 8 GB double layer storage

Audio Blu-rays[edit]

  • Blu-Ray, 60 GB single layer, 120 GB double layer
    • BD-Audio, a Blu-ray disc that is capable of audio-only playback



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