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Audrey Lynn Kitching
Audrey Kitching.jpg
Born Audrey Lynn Kitching
July 26, 1985
Occupation Model, designer, stylist, blogger
Modeling information
Height 5 ft 4 in (1.63 m)[1]
Weight 102lbs
Hair color Pink[2]
Eye color Hazel

Audrey Lynn Kitching (born July 26, 1985 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an American fashion blogger, model, and fashion designer.[2][3] Known for her "pink hair and Lisa Frank vibe,"[4] Kitching has been declared simultaneously a "fashion forward female" and "fashion disaster" by Cosmopolitan,[5] an "It Kid" and "princess of pop culture website Buzznet" by Nylon,[6] a "weekend role model" by Glamour,[7] "one of the rising crop of Hollywood Internet stars taking the underground by storm" by the Los Angeles Times,[1] "this generation's new mogul prototype" by Karmaloop,[8] and a social media queen by Greek magazine Soul.[9] In 2013, Kitching was profiled by Women's Wear Daily.[10] As of January 3, 2014, she has amassed over 450,000 followers on all of her social networks combined.[11]


Kitching began her modeling career at the age of 14 after being discovered at a hair salon, initially appearing in newspaper ads. After graduating from high school, she frequently modeled for aspiring photographer friends, which jump-started her blogging career after she began posting the images online. Kitching often works as not only model, but also art director for her photo shoots.[12] In a Metromix profile of "Style Why-Cons," she is credited with influencing the fashion industry and altering standards of beauty; she has also been credited by the LA Times as influencing the zeitgeist of fashion.[1][13]

A spokesmodel for designer Jared Gold,[14] Kitching was featured in his Czarina runway event.[15] She was the face of British shoe company Irregular Choice for the fall 2012 season,[1][16] and has also modeled for Italian shoe brand Kerol D and Kohl's Vera Wang Princess collection.[1] She has been featured in editorials in countries ranging from Britain and Scandinavia to Japan; she shoots 4+ editorials per month.[1] Kitching (who is a vegan) has appeared in a national Peta2 "Fur Is Dead" campaign, as well as a Peta2 public service announcement against animal testing in the personal care products industry.[17][18] In 2013 she was selected to be Karmaloop's Miss KL of the Month, and in April 2014 she appeared in a campaign for Ray Ban's Ray-Ban Remix customizable collection, which was featured by Elle Magazine.[8][19] She has also appeared in Vogue Italia.[20]


Kitching is a style editor for SpinMedia's social media and pop culture website Buzznet,[18] and has been working with the company for over 6 years since they first took notice of her LiveJournal blog in 2006.[12] As of January 3, 2014, she has over 450,000 followers on all of her social networks combined.[11] Her Buzznet page receives 3 million page views monthly, in addition to her Facebook which has garnered 153,000 likes, her Instagram which has 295,000 followers, and her Twitter which has 124,000.[21] Often collaborating with brands through her blog, she was chosen by JC Penney as one of five "haulers" to receive $1,000 of merchandise in exchange for blog promotion.[22] She is currently working on a magazine for the iPad on "how to live a high fashion lifestyle but on a very low budget."[12][23] In October 2012, her Instagram page was named as a favorite of Milkstudios, who declared that "Some girls look good on the internet, and some girls make the internet look good - Audrey is the latter."[24] On February 22, 2013, she spoke for Buzzmedia at Social Media Week,[25] and in April 2014 she was featured on xoJane as a part of their xoJane Makeunder series.[26]


Kitching designs her own luxury fashion brand called LUNA, a new line spotlighted by Nylon Magazine that's inspired by astrology, positive thinking, ancient ideologies, and magic.[27] Each of the pieces are 100% organic, fair trade and made in America. Kitching collaborated with Milan-based footwear company Kerol D Milano in 2014, designing a 12-piece vegan capsule footwear collection which was featured in Elle Italia,[10][28][29] and in early 2013 she created Crystal Cactus, a line of new age crystal pendant jewelry, holistic spa treatments, and gifts.[3]

In 2010, Kitching was one of the designers chosen to work with H&M for Designers Against AIDS.[9][30] Coco de Coeur, Kitching's former clothing line, was described by Nylon as "astonishing," earning comparisons to designs by Meadham Kirchoff and Jeremy Scott.[4]


Kitching was spotlighted by MTV Canada in 2014.[31] She appeared as herself in 2008's movie version of Forever Plaid,[32][33] and from May through August 2008, Kitching was featured in artist Glenn Kaino's Uberstars exhibit at The Andy Warhol Museum, a 21st-century take on Andy Warhol's Superstars, alongside designer Rami Kashou, photographer Dirk Mai, journalist Rose Apodaca, writer/actor and socialite Clint Catalyst, and internet celebrity Cory Kennedy.[34][35] In March, 2009, Kitching appeared as a special guest on the reality television series Germany's Next Topmodel in an episode featuring designer Jared Gold along with Clint Catalyst & artist Jessicka.[36][37] She is currently working on publishing a personal diary, as well as a book titled The Fashionista Bible Budget.[12] Kitching is also an Aveda-trained hair stylist.[2][38]


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