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Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung
Augsburger Allgemeine Logo.svg
Augsburger Allgemeine front page.jpg
The September 17, 2010 front page of Augsburger Allgemeine
Type Daily newspaper
Owner(s) Mediengruppe Pressedruck
Founded 30 October 1945
Headquarters Augsburg, Germany
Official website

The Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung is a major German regional daily newspaper published since 1945.[1]


The newspaper was first published on 30 October 1945 under the name of Schwäbische Landeszeitung, under the initiative of Curt Frenzel.[2] Originally, due to the restrictions in early post-war Germany, it was only published twice-weekly.[3] Frenzel had received a licence to publish a newspaper from Colonel Bernhard MacMahon of the US military government in Bavaria.[4]

After Curt Frenzel's death in 1970, his daughter Ellinor Holland continued the newspaper that was renamed to Augsburger Allgemeine on 1 November 1959.[5] The newspaper and publishing company are still fully owned by the Holland family and now managed by the third generation.[4]

In the second quarter of 2008, the newspaper sold 344,537 copies.[6]

From 1807 to 1882, an Allgemeine Zeitung was published in Augsburg but it is not connected to the later newspaper.[5]

Local newspapers[edit]

The Augsburger Allgemeine is part of a network of local newspapers in Swabia and parts of Upper Bavaria, these being:[7]

  • Aichacher Nachrichten
  • Donau-Zeitung
  • Donauwörther Zeitung
  • Friedberger Allgemeine
  • Günzburger Zeitung
  • Illertisser Zeitung
  • Mittelschwäbische Nachrichten
  • Landsberger Tagblatt
  • Mindelheimer Zeitung
  • Neuburger Rundschau
  • Neu-Ulmer Zeitung
  • Rieser Nachrichten
  • Schwabmünchner Allgemeine
  • Wertinger Zeitung


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