August 11 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)

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Aug. 10 - Eastern Orthodox Church calendar - Aug. 12

All fixed commemorations below are observed on August 24 by Orthodox Churches on the Old Calendar.[note 1]

For August 11, Orthodox Churches on the Old Calendar commemorate the Saints listed on July 29.



  • Hieromartyrs Gaius, Pope of Rome;[note 3] the priest Gabinus; Martyrs Maximus, Claudius and his wife Praepedigna; and their sons Alexander and Cuthias.

Pre-Schism Western saints[edit]

Post-Schism Orthodox saints[edit]

New martyrs and confessors[edit]

Other commemorations[edit]

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  1. ^ The notation Old Style or (OS) is sometimes used to indicate a date in the Julian Calendar (which is used by churches on the "Old Calendar").
    The notation New Style or (NS), indicates a date in the Revised Julian calendar (which is used by churches on the "New Calendar").
  2. ^ The hymns of the fifth day of the Afterfeast of the Transfiguration invite us to acquire the virtues and become radiant so that we may stand upon the holy mountain and behold the Lord’s Transfiguration as He shines with glory, "filling the world with light." We are also assured that those who excel in virtue "shall be made worthy of divine glory."[2]
  3. ^ He is commemorated on April 22 in the West.
  4. ^ Note, there is some confusion in the Synaxaria between Eudokia of Anatolia (Eudok-ia) - August 4, and the martyr Ia.
  5. ^ Saint Passarion pursued asceticism in the first half of the fifth century. He founded a monastery in Jerusalem. He was “chorepiskopos” [vicar-bishop] of Palestine, and a converser with St Euthymius the Great (January 20).[10]
  6. ^ "The same day, the martyrdom of St. Rufinus, bishop of the Marsi, and his companions, under the emperor Maximinus."[12]
  7. ^ "AT Rome, between the two laurels situated about three miles from the city, the birthday of St. Tiburtius, martyr, under the judge Fabian, in the persecution of Diocletian. After he hard walked barefoot on burning coals and confessed Christ with increased constancy, he was put to the sword."[12]
  8. ^ "At Evreux, in France, St. Taurinus, bishop. Being made bishop of that city by the blessed pope Clement, he propagated the Christian faith by the preaching of the Gospel, and the many labors he sustained for it. Celebrated for glorious miracles, he slept in the Lord."[12]
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