Augustopolis in Phrygia

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Augustopolis in Phrygia was a city in the late Roman province of Phrygia Salutaris I situated in the plain of Akar Çay (Kaystros).[1] The Annuario Pontificio associates it with a modern Surmene, not the Sürmene on a part of the Black Sea coast that belonged to the late Roman province of Pontus. The 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica said that this Augustopolis (which presumably had its name changed in honour of the Emperor Augustus) was "formerly Anabura (Surmeneh)".[2] The Phrygian town of Anabura is mentioned by Livy as lying on the route of the consul Gnaeus Manlius Vulso from Synnada to the sources of the Alander.[3]

Augustopolis in Phrygia became a Christian bishopric that is now included in the Catholic Church's list of titular sees.[4]