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Auldrant is the planet on which the story of Tales of the Abyss takes place. It is composed of two levels- the Outer Lands (on which rest five continents and an empire) and the Qliphoth (a lower level of dark miasma).

History of Auldrant[edit]

The world of Auldrant is composed of elementary particles called fonons, of which there were long known to be six (Shadow, Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Light); however a seventh fonon (Sound) was eventually discovered, and through it one can read the future, causing much unrest to the inhabitants of Auldrant.

Locations in Auldrant[edit]

  • Kingdom of Kimlasca-Lanvaldear
  • Malkuth Empire
  • Meggiora Highlands
  • Nam Cobanda Isle
  • Daath
  • Julia City
  • Qliphoth
  • Absorption and Radiation Gates
  • Eldrant


Many of the locations of Auldrant bear names derived from Jewish Kabbalah; names like:

  • Malkuth (The Malkuth Empire)
  • Chokmah (Grand Chokmah, the capital of the Malkuth Empire)
  • Hod (Hod, the island that was destroyed to keep the Score)
  • Binah (St. Binah, a small town)
  • Qliphoth (the land under the known world)
  • Chesed (Chesedonia, the desert city)
  • Sephiroth (Sephiroth Trees supporting the upper world)
  • Daath (Daath, the city-state home of the Order of Lorelei)