AuraOne Systems

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AuraOne Systems
Type Private
Industry Consumer electronics, Computer Networking, Computer Hardware
Founded 2005
Headquarters Fremont, California
Key people Keith Andrews, CEO
Products AuraGrid, WESS, JourneyMan MC
Employees 18 (Q1 2006)

AuraOne Systems, Inc. was a technology-focused company based out of Fremont, California. Their flagship product, AuraGrid, debuted on the US market on November 1, 2005.[1]


After being frustrated with poor Wi-Fi coverage in his home, Silicon Valley entrepreneur Keith Andrews[2] partnered up with William Hang, Harold Roberts, Kalen Kimm and Nelvid Vidal to create the world's first IEEE 802.11 over coaxial cable extender system. This wireless extender provided a mechanism to distribute IEEE 802.11 RF signals over standard coaxial cables that are already installed in most homes today.[3]

CEO/Founder Keith Andrews during a strategic company meeting
AuraOne Systems founding team


In 2005, AuraOne Systems released the wireless extender systems under the name AuraGrid. AuraGrid extended wireless networks through a home's existing coaxial cable infrastructure. [4] AuraGrid Antennas could be placed on cable outlets throughout the home to extend the wireless signal and get around dead spots. AuraGrid was distributed through reseller partners including ASI, Smarthome, Amazon and Fry's Electronics. [5]

AuraGrid Wireless Extension System


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