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Janshatabdi Express (Mumbai - Aurangabad) Route map

The Aurangabad-Mumbai Jan Shatabdi is a day-train (as it returns to the station of origin on the same day). It connects the historical city of Aurangabad to the state capital Mumbai. The Jan Shatabdi Express is the fastest and most comfortable train option from Aurangabad to Mumbai.


The name 'Jan' refers to Janata meaning people in Hindi language, hence this version of Shatabdi is meant for the Ordinary People. Jan Shatabdi is an Inter-city superfast train connecting major metropolitan cities, at low price. This train can be considered a 'down-scale' version of Shatabdi trains.[1]

Aurangabad Jan Shatabdi[edit]

12071/72 - Aurangabad Jan Shatabdi runs between Dadar railway station railway station of Mumbai and Aurangabad. It is a daily Super Fast offered by the Central Railways. It had been extended to Mumbai CST. As per the time table effective 1 July 2013, it has been reverted to Dadar & now shares its rake with the 12051/52 Madgaon Jan Shatabdi.

From Aurangabad the train is numbered 12072 and it departs at 0600 hrs and reaches Dadar at 1230 hrs thus taking approx. 6.5 hours to cover a distance of 374 km (232 mi). En route it halts at Manmad, Nashik, Kalyan, Thane and Dadar. But it also stops at Kasara and Igatpuri as operational stops.[2]

On the return journey the train is numbered 12071 and departs from Dadar at 1400 hrs and arrives at Aurangabad at 2035 hrs.[3]

The Aurangabad Jan shatabdi is a nine-coach train and has six Jan shatabdi class chair cars, one AC chair car and 2 luggage-cum-break vans as part of its seating configuration..[4]



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